Saturday, 5 December 2009

Happy Birthday, Grandma!

Its an amazing day today.

Despite my lack of experience (in anything!), not much amazes me anymore.

But this does.

My Grandma turned 71 today. She's old.

Sometimes, when I'm bored, I think about stuff, like the makeup of the earth, the ozone layer, random stuff. Tonight, I thought about what my Grandma has done & seen in those 71 years.

Did you know she's met the Pope?

And hosted a party for Lady Di?

Did you know she was in East Germany when the Berlin Wall was still up?

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, my Grandma is a wonderwoman. Even at this age, she's still working, she still takes care of this mammoth house, but she doesn't cook anymore. She looks 20 years younger than her age, and the only thing that has you realising her age is her limp.

A limp. The only sign of her age.

And she's still going strong. At 71. When most people have resigned to a life of a vegetable.

Happy Birthday, Grandma! I love you more than the endless bounds of the universe, and you know it! May the Lord bless you forever!

Wednesday, 2 December 2009

World AIDS Day 2009

Good Morning, people!

I'd like to wish all of you a Happy & Merry World AIDS day 2009. On this wonderful & beautiful day, I'd like all of you reading this to stop viewing HIV/AIDS as a taboo. Its just as bad as H1N1, the common flu, and SARS, maybe even less so. But the stigma associated with it... the assumption that anyone with HIV/AIDS is either promiscuous or a druggie. Sometimes, the victims aren't.


But even if they are, who cares? Pretty sure they aren't now.

They need you. They need your love, your care, your attention. They need you now more than ever. Now is the time to extend that helping hand, not shun them from society. NOW.

Happy World AIDS Day, all.

Sunday, 29 November 2009

Kota Seputeh seat empty by court ruling!

I like this one.

Justice Alizatul Khair Osman Khairuddin, in a landmark decision, declares the Kota Seputeh, Kedah state seat vacant after the rep was absent for 2 consecutive meetings.

I like this for 2 reasons:

1. It shows that people in power are not above the law, and that the current judicial system is a lot more willing to push the envelope in the preservation of justice!
2. Justive Alizatul Khair Osman Khairuddin is my aunt. TeeHee.

The funny thing is that the EC filed for a stay on the ruling exclusively on cost issues, and they didn't cite any case laws to support their appeal.

Correct me if I'm wrong, but is it not their duty BY LAW to conduct an election in the event of a vacant seat? So what does funding have anything to do with it?

Datuk Abu Hassan Sharif, you are really thick! As an assemblyman, you ought to know the Kedah constitution by heart! You know that only the state Speaker can grant leave!

This made me wake up with a smile for the first time in years.

Run! Hide! I'M BACK!

Hello faithful readers (or thin air, given my irregular posts). After an absence from cyberspace, I've returned to haunt your computers & smartphones! As you may or may not know, I've been having difficulty using the browser on my latest BlackBerry, but now that its all sorted, I can start posting again! On 3G speeds!

Continue visiting my blog for more sarcastic & sadistic posts!

Love ya & Salam 1Malaysia, yo!

Tuesday, 1 September 2009

RapidKL: The rich man's public transport service?


A comment posted on original post brought some new facts to light. I do apologize to all my readers who may have found displeasure in that.

... still... the new rates are still shockingly expensive. If upper management was merely doing as directed by the Government, why not come up with a rate structure that doesn't impose much higher prices?

And here's another question: Why did the Govt. need to change the current system? it seemed to me that the old system was working just fine.

So RapidKL uses a Govt directive as an excuse for their monstrous price hikes. Just because you need to switch to the conventional system DOESN'T mean that you can go to town with it. I mean... I used to be able to go from Shah Alam-KL Sentral-Medan Damansara-KL Sentral-Shah Alam for a mere RM2. and now I'd have to spend RM12 to do the same thing. Doesn't that look like white collar robbery?

With RapidKL reaping profits like never before, I hope that the Money they're getting now will go to proper maintenance of the buses, and maybe some upgrades. No more swapping windshields with the old Intrakota busses. No more swapping entire front facades anymore. No more.

... and maybe an upgrade in cleanliness?

Monday, 31 August 2009

TM EZnet 1315. 90-minutes with an incompetent representative and STILL no internet!

A leaflet sent with the regular TM Homeline bill sent waves of hope up my spine. My home in Shah Alam hasn't had Internet services since... 2004? Streamyx just wasn't up to par, so we cancelled it after a mere 6 months (12 month contract, I know. The other 6 months were spent complaining to TM). With this new fangled EZnet 1315, its was as simple as plug-dial-surf.
Or so it seemed.

12am. Our nation turns 52. While most have gone to watch toned-down fireworks displays, I was stuck on the phone. No, it wasn't with my beloved, it was with some incompetent CSR from TM. Mum & I labeled her as Ms. Okay...? as she started every sentence (no joke!) with 'Okay...?'

Still, after spending more than 90-minutes repetitive chatter & constant 'situation-explaination', I hang up, sour & disappointed. Kinda like when we had problems with our Streamyx back in 2004.

5 years, TM. And still no improvement?

Malaysian Super Corridor, konon.

Its no wonder why so many have switched to iZZi & P1 WiMax where available. They're just so reliable.

And now, I go back to surfing on my darling Storm. I knew neither DiGi or my BlackBerry would pull a stunt like that on me.

Happy 52nd Merdeka Day, everyone. Enjoy tomorrows 40-minute march.

Monday, 24 August 2009

Rantings of a starved Lunatic. You don't have to read this. Its truly pointless.

First blog post in a while.

First blog post with my BlackBerry.

Please be forgiving of any typographical or grammatical errors. Its a small keyboard.

The blessed month of Ramadhan has begun. The gates of Hell are closed. And every single gate of Heaven is open. And the days have become slow & dreary (probably due to both the lack of food & the crappy weather). A great time for reflection.

In my 14+ years in this world, I have seen, heard, and experienced so much, it would awe some. Not many, but some. But, with yin comes yang, and there are plenty of dark sides to my life. But every time I look back at everything (I tend to reflect more on the negative issues, bringing an odd feeling of my heart being shredded. Hmm...), I truly appreciate the small things. The little details, insignificant at the time, become more apparent & important. This, is the stuff my memories are made of.

Recently, I've been spending alot of time with my soon-to-be 71-year old grandmother. And in that time, I've heard so many stories about so many things that I've never had the chance to hear before. Did you know she's actually entertained Princess Diana? There was a story I enjoyed. The thing is, these 'achievements' of hers has put my life into perspective. Those achievements, my family history, my blood... my heritage is stuff of legends, to some (not many, but a few). I've got alot riding on my shoulders, and that's not limited to just my future.

My family tree goes back hundreds of years, showing me & other family members of the pivotal role our ancestors had in the shaping of the Malaysia we know today. My grandmother boasts that our family could have been Malay Royalty, if we wanted. Thankfully, we weren't so power-hungry. Could you imagine me being part of a royal household? Didn't think so.

Anyway, this history that runs through my veins has put an odd pressure on me. You see, I like being someone who tries to achieve the best. I also like the preservation of history. And looking over the years, I have plenty of work set if I want to come anywhere near the achievements my family has made. And I've alot to do if I want to restore the original glory my family once enjoyed.

This is pressure I shouldn't, and have no right to, be bearing. 'You're just a kid,' is something I hear frequently. I know, but why think like one, when thinking forward & upward will lead to greater things?

'Why is it so hard for you to just let go, have fun, and be a kid?'

Because I have better things to do with my time.

I find it so hard to relate to kids of my age group. Its partly because of my upbringing. And partly because of the exposure. I live in a house with adults, no kids. Thus, I was brought up thinking & acting like an adult, because that was all I knew. I don't know how to be a kid. Being a kid is tough for me.

You want proof?

How many kids do you know are thinking about how to make 4-5 figure sums of cash monthly, to cover all sorts of expenses?

How many kids do you know wake up at 3am to do sudden tax calculations?

How many kids do you know come up with very real situations that come up in life, and figure out ways how to overcome them NOW?


Don't ask me why I'm stressed. Don't ask me why I don't reply pointless text messages. Don't ask me why I'm so easily ticked off.

I've got plenty to handle. And I don't appreciate input, thank you very much.

Tuesday, 7 April 2009

A tale of fast cars, a Storm, and Jamiroquai

Hmm... how do I start?

Last Sunday (5th April 2009) ], Celcom invited a few bloggers (myself included), to a sneak preview of the new BlackBerry Storm smartphone.

Started off at Sudu @ Hilton KL. Enjoyed a wonderful buffet spread there, before us 'invitees' to a rather large coach, to shuttle us to the Sepang International Circuit. So I thought, 'Ok, a coach. It,s gonna take a while, but who cares? I'm going to the F1!!'.


As the bus left Hilton, we were given 3, yes, 3 outriders to escort us to Sepang. We stopped cars, barred tolls, split traffic jams (and made some on the way too). Honestly, a ride with outriders has to be one of the pleasures in life. :P

When we arrive, we're given our gold Corporate Suite passes and a blue Celcom Broadband umbrella. We began our journey to the grandstands, going through checkpoints and ticket checks without a hitch.

Last Sunday would mark my first trip to SIC, let alone for an F1 event. So the first time was set to be one of the best trips, as the Suite came with food from Pan Pacific and free-flow drinks. Not bad, air con, and all. Definitely THE way to watch the F1.

Before the race started, Celcom started the event with a quick word from Celcom CEO, Datuk Sri Shazalli Ramly, followed by a BlackBerry Storm preview.

I bet you wanna know more about the Storm, right?

First impressions may make you want an iPhone instead, but look again. With the Storm, BlackBerry launches a new touch-screen technology called SureType, which is basically a 'clickable' touchscreen. Instead of a soft-touch screen, where you 'tap' the screen to highlight and select, the SureType screen allows one to touch to highlight something, then 'click' to select/activate.

Some online reviews of the Storm say that the new SureType technology makes it's on-screen QWERTY keyboard makes typing as good, if not better, than some real QWERTY devices like the Bold 9000 and the Nokia E63. I'm not so sure about that through the 30-minutes I had with their preview sets.

Later on, through a quiz session (in which only a knapsack was up for grabs) I won a BlackBerry Storm.

After the preview, there wasn't much activity, aside from the race.

Then it rained.

Through the team radio feeds we got within the suite, we got loads of complaints from drivers, saying the conditions were making it impossible to drive in. So they stopped the race, making Jensen Button the winner of the Malaysian leg of the F1 Grand Prix.

Then came the part of the evening EVERYONE was waiting for; THE JAMIROQUAI CONCERT.

It was muddier than expected, with the storm that stopped the race just finishing. Celcom provided us with a riser, allowing us to remain clean from the mud. Unfortunately, not all of remained clean, making the very route to the riser very muddy. But there were a whole bunch of nibbly things going round, as well as free-flow carbonated drinks. Not bad at all, definitely the better way to live.

Opening act was Atilia, followed by Naturally 7, then there was the one-and-only JAMIROQUAI!

My first concert. The best concert.

So much fun.

Got home at about 3am.

Tuesday, 3 February 2009

The North American Union and the RFID chip

Call me crazy, but don't deny it makes sense.

I know that we've got a new American President, but regardless, it could still happen.

I watched several videos on YouTube a few months back. There was one about 9/11, one about the North American currency as the Amero, and there was one about Iraq, Iran and invasions elsewhere.

I also watched a movie called 'Wag the Dog.' Now there's a head turner if there ever was one.

This all makes sense. The RFID chip, which has already begun circulation under false pretenses (such as passports, the 'RealID' card in the States, and the auto-credit program, also in the States). Why not manipulate this and use it for world domination (call me cheesy, but that's what it is) ?

I have homework to do, thus I am at a lack of time to explain. But I'm sure that this video below would be enough.

Salam Hormat, Malaysia.

Goodnight, my faithful readers.

What is to become of our country?

We don't have anyone to lead us. No one worthy of the post, that is.

No where, do I see someone fit to fix our country.

I use the term 'fix' because the modern Barisan government has truly ruined it.

I have no faith in our politicians.

My faith lies with our Agong. My faith lies with our Sultans. Say what you like, but in the Holy Quran, the Agongs and the Sultans are the 'deliverymen', per se, of God's divine order. I know, I know, some of you will say that only the Prophet can do that. Well, I suggest reading your Quran again, and read between the lines. I mean, truly find it's inner meaning.

I love Malaysia. She is my homeland, my beauty. My saviour, my harbour. My ancestors labour of love is what she is. And I will not rest until she is safe in good hands.

... but at 14, all I can do is rant on a blog no one reads.

Goodnight Malaysia. I love you so.

Head of MIC denies meeting opposition reps last night for proposition of party-hopping to MIC

Hmm. Sounded interesting when I saw it on the local news.

Party-hopping is becoming a trend, huh?

Now with so many of the opposition members supposedly wanting to join the BN clan, I'm sure the anti-defection law won't pass. But lets see the forecast first. If it bodes well for BN, I'm sure that the law would be banned from discussion in Parliament.

I love hot stories like this.

There's always speculation about what the networks report about ANY matter. So I always head to the blogosphere after the news. To find the REAL news, the way it's supposed to be told.

Hey, does anyone know the real story about the PKR members that went missing on Monday (after handing in letters of resignation on Sunday, if I'm not mistaken) ?

It's a funny thing, politics.

It used to be a serious issue. Who's best to run the country, who's the best candidate per constituency.

Now, the Malaysian government has become the laughing stock of the world. I bet you even the Tutsi's in Rwanda are laughing at us.

What's happened to Malaysia?

Why have we left it in the hands of moronic fools?

So many questions, and oh-so-much IQ amongst the parties to answer them.

I have no faith in our Government anymore.

I listen to the Agong and the Sultans now.

I no longer associate myself to any party. But I will say I'm anti-Barisan. And that will remain till the day the 'line-of-pooled-IQ' clean up their act.

God, save Malaysia.

God, save our Agong.

God, save our Sultans.

God, help us all.

Saturday, 31 January 2009

Police Brutality: R.I.P Kugan.

I didn't catch on to this until late yesterday evening.

I was at home, reading blog postings when I found it.

Never to late to air an opinion, right?

Kugan died in police custody. And lets just say that death in the lockup happens too often here.

Now, police brutality isn't a new thing here. I've read about victims, and heard their story. It's just another form of power abuse. The same kind of abuse some of our ministers and public figures enjoy (when they have the right contacts, that is).

No, it's not pleasing to hear of these cases. The worst thing is that there are still no suspects on the matter yet.

I read in a book written by a cop. 'Cops don't like cops that rat out on other cops.'

So is that some kind of blatant sign that suggests this will never be solved?

I don't know. It might be. I'm sure it is.

But I know for sure that this'll never be solved. I refer to the statement above.

They'll just file it under 'Unsolved Deaths in Police Custody.' A file that is most definitely bulging.

And if anyone tries to bring the matter up, the 5-oh will just fire tear gas at them.


Friday, 30 January 2009

Rocky-Haris is over. But there are other opinions...

'Rocky is a BN stooge.'

'Haris is a human rights lawyer. Of course he's right!'

'Rocky has never failed us before.'

'Haris has made so many sacrifices over the years, to the extent he can't take his family on vacation.' ( read the original post by Marahku here.)

These are some of the opinions aired about the Rocky-Haris dispute.

Thankfully, this dispute is now over. On good terms, no less.

Uncle Haris, I thank you for your courage to do the right thing.

And Uncle Rocky, thanks for not being to brash about it and make Uncle Haris look really bad.

Now, I feel it's time to air my view.

I've never believed in informants or witnesses as true ways of obtaining information. As I had commented on 'The People's Parliament,' a common man can always be frayed by a bulging envelope from a minister's P.A. And you can always be misinformed by your informant's informant.

Informants are NEVER the way to go.

But, nonetheless, I applaud Uncle Haris. Yes, he may have been misinformed, but not only did he offer an apology, but he also stood his ground.

Which is a mark of a fantastic lawyer.

As for Uncle Rocky, I understand if you were with JJ, and yes, I also understand your point about the informants' informant maybe getting your name mixed up with Khairuddin. There are always people up to no good out there. That's why we call is life.

Anyway, I feel deeply relieved that this is all over, as there was a dispute between Rocky and another blogger, which is still unresolved.

One problem at a time, eh?

Thursday, 29 January 2009

The Rocky-Haris dispute.

For those of you who haven't heard the story, go to Rocky's Bru and The People's Parliament for the original post and The People's Parliament 2 for Haris' reply.

This is very saddening news. Another one of the bloggers picking a fight with Rocky.

Why is everyone so interested in burning bridges?

A common phrase used amongst bloggers.

'We agree to disagree.'

Although disagreements are always abound, we always end the day hand-in-hand.

Haris, if you're reading, can you actually trust this informant? I mean, honestly?

Rocky, I suggest you cough up that little bit of evidence proving that one of the individuals involved weren't in KL at all.

And please, let's resolve this in an orderly fashion, eh?

Saturday, 10 January 2009

Hishammudin to organize mass protests against Gaza USING schoolchildren

This is interesting...

I say this because DYMM Sultan Selangor had already mentioned to leave kids out of protests in response to the JERIT protests.

It seems that our dear Education Minister needs to understand something about protests.

Protests are held VOLUNTARILY. All children that attended the JERIT and BERSIH rallies came voluntarily. And knowing the Education Ministry and how they handle things, they'll rope in everyone they can, not bothering about some of us that feel they ought not to go.

I'll be honest. I'm somewhere in the middle on this. Because organizing protests like this will instill a need for the average man (or those soon to be) to speak up.

But I feel that this is ALSO a stupid move by the Ministry. Because all this time, teachers, heads of schools and the Ministry themselves have been against blogs and protests (which translates to not supporting free speech).

And by holding these protests, they're literally making their objective VERY blurry.

Are they AGAINST or FOR free speech?

If they're against it, they ought not to hold these protests.

If they're for it, they REALLY have to shut the teachers and headmasters/headmistresses to shut up, because they've always been against free speech.

Tell me, Hishammudin, which one of the two above are YOU?

Friday, 9 January 2009

Boycott US products?

This is absolute nonsense.

Let me explain:

When we boycott US products (like fast food, processed food, skincare products and such), all the people that work for American companies (like those mentioned above) will lose their jobs.

And when that happens, the (still stronger) American economy will fall, but ours will fall harder.

The Malaysian Ringgit isn't quite as strong as we want them to be. But with a MONUMENTAL loss of jobs, coupled with the economic crisis (that Asia will be hit with very soon), we could be looking at higher rates of poverty than ever before.

How does this benefit MALAYSIA?

We might end up worse than those that we're out to hurt.

But hey, if you really want to boycott American companies, lets start with Astro.

Because we all know the percentage of it is owned by Americans.

Oh, and lets not forget cigarettes.

No more Benson & Hedges, no Malboro.

Mind you, 70% of our ciggs here are American...

Katakan 'tak nak' kepada merokok.

Tuesday, 6 January 2009

Frost & Sullivan project increase in Proton sales, new MPV could be the saviour

Yeah bloody right.

Like any man with 120k is going to buy a Proton. If any man respects his dignity, his family and his wallet, he wouldn't buy a Proton.

For heavens sake, must I spell it out for you?

P-E-O-P-L-E H-A-T-E P-R-O-T-O-N.

And no over-priced MPV is going to help.

For 8x,xxx you can get an MPV from the Chinese manufacturer, Chery. The Eastar (forgive the name) comes with a leather interior (as standard) and comes with most of the safety mod-cons that you get in a mid-level vehicle.

And here's the kicker: The Proton MPV will be produced on the SAME platform as the Chery.

So why are we paying so much more for a shit car when you can pay less for a great one?

For once, I think Frost & Sullivan might be REALLY wrong about this.

And I know for a fact that if Perodua came out with an MPV, Proton is sooooooooo screwed.

Sunday, 4 January 2009

2009 with nothing on top.

Sime Darby to purchase IJN.

Economy set to slow down in the months to come.

Police still don't know what they're doing.

My resolutions?

None. That way I'm not disappointed at the beginning fo next year.

Personally, I'm feeling rather depressed at the moment. Because the 9th of January is looming, which will mark 1 year since Sharlinie Nashar's disappearance.

The worst thing is that (please forgive me for not being optimistic) her captors haven't contacted the family.

Which means that she's either in China or Thailand right now, being abused in more ways than one.

May the Powers that Be save her from her reality and send her captors to hell.

May 2009 bring closure to this gruelling ordeal.