Tuesday, 1 September 2009

RapidKL: The rich man's public transport service?


A comment posted on original post brought some new facts to light. I do apologize to all my readers who may have found displeasure in that.

... still... the new rates are still shockingly expensive. If upper management was merely doing as directed by the Government, why not come up with a rate structure that doesn't impose much higher prices?

And here's another question: Why did the Govt. need to change the current system? it seemed to me that the old system was working just fine.

So RapidKL uses a Govt directive as an excuse for their monstrous price hikes. Just because you need to switch to the conventional system DOESN'T mean that you can go to town with it. I mean... I used to be able to go from Shah Alam-KL Sentral-Medan Damansara-KL Sentral-Shah Alam for a mere RM2. and now I'd have to spend RM12 to do the same thing. Doesn't that look like white collar robbery?

With RapidKL reaping profits like never before, I hope that the Money they're getting now will go to proper maintenance of the buses, and maybe some upgrades. No more swapping windshields with the old Intrakota busses. No more swapping entire front facades anymore. No more.

... and maybe an upgrade in cleanliness?