Thursday, 20 September 2007

Please help

I read in a newspaper recently, of a missing girl, Nurin Jazlin. It was related to an article of a little girl's body found in a bag. Contacts tell me DNA tests matched the DNA of Nurin. And yet, why have Nurin's perents denied the fact that this is their missing daughter?

Some people say that they denied it because they want the money coming in from various funds to help the search of Nurin. I don't believe them. Just imagine, your a parent. You love your kid to death. You try and give the best to your kid. Then one day, she goes missing. The police believe that a body they found is hers. You then DENY that she is your own, for money. What god foresaken parent would do that?

Please, bloggers and readers of this blog, help find this missing girl. Your contribution to the search may unite a little girl to her parents. is the place to go for details. Please, do your part to help make a parent's day.

Racial Unity

The other day, I was walking around my neighbourhood with my mum, when I overheard what one mum said to her daughter. 'Jangan main dekat sana, banyak orang Cina.' No offence to those of you who are Chinese, but what I want to know is, why must we look at a different race as bad people?

This sort of racial indiscrimination is what plagues our country to this day. Our nation has been trying to combat racial indiscrimination since the day that Tunku shouted 'Merdeka!' seven times on the 31st of August, 1957. This matter was nothing serious at the time, and the government thought nothing of it, because they thought that the matter would resolve itself sooner or later. Their thoughts fell very far off course.

Today, most Malays belittle the Indian's and the Chinese. To this day, I still have no idea why they do this. Maybe because, in the days leading to our nations independence, we used to have Indian 'coolies' come to the foreign dignitaries' homes and take out their 'doo'. This is our history. If it wasn't for those 'coolies', would our nation, in all it's glory (whatever we have left, that is), be the nation we know today?

The worst type of racial belittlement is those of the Indonesians. If you look at construction sites, who are the workers? Look at your own home, who is the one you hire to do your house chores? Who are the people that come to take out the trash? Without them, what are we? We would have a dirty, smelly, under developed country. All because the Malays are to proud to do the dirty work. For god's sake, can a country progress if it's filled with accountants?!

I am not proud of our nation's history. May 13th, 'coolies', all of that sort. But we must work to achieve racial unity. 'Satu bangsa, satu negara, Bangsa Malaysia!'. With god's will, this is something we can look forward to in the future.

Have to go now, the Internet cafe's A/C is freezing my fingers off.

Sunday, 16 September 2007

Is it just me?

The other day, my uncle saw a man on a motorcycle knocking the window of a vacant Perodua Kancil. When my uncle pretended to make a call to the police, the man left, and started on another car, just in eyeshot of my uncle. This time, he didn't take notice of my uncle, playing with his phone again.
It isn't just this crime that is accociated to motorcyclists today. They have earned many names, like 'Mat Rempit' and such. These rebellious acts of crime terrorise the streets of the nation. Despite expensive and extensive operations to fight these crimes, they still rage on through the night.
What JPJ is doing now is stopping the crime in action. What needs to be done is to look in to the history of these 'Mat Rempits'. It has been proven that by pshyciatrists that a troubled past can lead to an even more troubled future. We have to find a way to promote a healthy lifestyle to stop people becoming delinquents. 'But how?' isn't something i've figured out just yet.
Maybe having the same infrastructure for those living under minimum wage like in England. That is, assuming the government doesn't get anymore stingy with their funds. Or maybe have a centre to find jobs for, well, the job-less! I feel that this may help the rising motorcyclist problems. I hope someone will do something about this soon.

Tuesday, 11 September 2007


Recently, I read in a newspaper that a few teachers had leaked UPSR questions to a few students. I for one, every time the teachers make predictions on questions, I ignore them. But , because it was concerning UPSR exams, I was FORCED to listen.
My teachers, on the second day of the exam, made predictions on the 3rd day's papers. I listened to the English, paper 2 (composition) predictions. They predicted, question 1, an old man selling durians, question 2, either holidays or activities (or something of that sort), and question 3 (I was practically asleep by then), was an grateful old woman (grateful for what remained unknown until the following day).
The next day, I suddenly remembered what my teachers said. When the invigilators allowed us to check the papers for any sort of printing errors, I saw the 3 questions were smack on the previous day's predictions. I thought that the teachers merely made a correct prediction. But it was roughly a week later that this was no laughing matter.
It was the reading of that article that got my heart racing. 'UPSR again?' was the first thought that passed through my mind. I didn't think much of it, and figured that the government wouldn't bother with it unless the paper companies needed more money. I went to an aunt's house later that week, (she's in main-stream media, she knows EVERYTHING) she said the 'Kementerian' will release a verdict on whether or not to re do the exams.
What I want to know is why those stupid teachers had to give away the questions. Why be so worried? You taught them to the extent you can manage (not many of them do, sadly), let the kids handle themselves! If you did good (which they obviously didn't), they'll pass with flying colours. It's when you know that you didn't do good, that's when the guilt sets in. That's when you so stupidly leak the questions.
Now, you stupid teachers, have just made the kids you gave the questions to do it again. That's fair, but what isn't is that you just forced so many INNOCENT children do it again too. You helped 30 kids, how about the rest?

Monday, 3 September 2007

UPSR Stress Syndrome anyone?

Most of you mum's and dad's probably know this , but if you don't, the 3rd, 4th and 5th of September is the official date of the Ujian Pencapaian Sekolah Rendah, aka UPSR. I, unlike most, feel very relaxed about this exam, and believe an uncle that quote, 'UPSR is only a very fancy name for Your Average Test, Results Of Which None Will Remember', end quote. He's quite right. In 3rd Form, does anyone even ASK you about your UPSR exam results? In fact, do you know what your UPSR (or equivalent) results were? (Zorro excused).
So, do you get my point? I think it's a good thing that the 'Kementerian' is dropping the whole UPSR thing.. or is that still being discussed? I'm not very good with details... And , seeing as it IS the first day of the UPSR, I really have to say it was MUCH easier than I expected. Which means that I spent the last few months not worrying for nothing? Jeez, talk about not being appreciated. That's it for now, i'll get back to you guys on a later date. Byez

I'm back!

As you all probably know that since Blogspot changed to Blogger (most call it a facelift, I call it botox, hehe), I lost Choc-o-blog. Two months later, I set up Choc-o-blog 2. Looks like I did this in vain. Why is Blogger doing this? Does this mean Wordpress is king?
Putting this aside, at least I have this original blog back. Thank God.