Wednesday, 31 December 2008

PAS man says: 'Hina Islam perbuatan keji.'

Excuse me, sir. Why is it that when they insult our religion, we call them 'Keji.' Yet, when we insult their religion, they don't call us 'Keji?'

OK people, it's time to get the facts straight.

My family is Muhibbah. We have Indian-Muslim family members, we have Europeans, and even a Greek. We don't insult other peoples culture or religion, because that's how we get by. By being friends with everyone from everywhere. We don't care who you are, where you're from, or where you're headed. But we'll be your friend, we'll lend a helping hand.

Even when I'm at school, I make it a point to have friends from all backgrounds, that way everyone gets to learn a little about everyone, and we all become more knowledgeable. Yet, there are some (Malays, mind you) that insult me (for befriending 'orang kafir') and them (for being non-Muslim).

And I hate them.

But what I want to know is, why is it when we call them 'keji' or 'kafir', they don't make a fuss. But when WE are called that, there's an uproar.

People, listen. We are Malaysians, aren't we? We are a multi-racial, multi-religious country, and we're proud of it. So, let's not look at our differences, but celebrate our similarities. Let us be together, united.

Let's be Bangsa Malaysia.

And lets not let anyone stand in the way.

My Christmas

I don't know about you, but in my family, Christmas is always something we look forward too. The decorations, the location, the company.... and the food, of course. This year, we did not have as many people to cater to, as some of us had to go abroad to visit relatives and friends. Look at it this way: If 3 is a crowd, then 30-40 is practically a concert.

It started early, with the cooking of 3, perfectly marinated (for 4 days) turkeys. Then came the boiling of the potatoes for Mash and Roast Potatoes. Then we moved to Apple Crumble, Custard, Trifle, and Salad, of course.

We started eating at about 7.30. It was a beautiful evening, and the sky in Janda Baik was as clear as ever. Every planet, every star, all laid out for your enjoyment. Honestly, that's a moment when I know that God is by my side. Gazing with me, into the black beyond, laughing at the beauty of the simplest things.

We set up 1 tent outside, for the brave soldiers who might want to seek refuge there. Mind you, Janda Baik is still mostly forest, and home to many characters. Like the wild boar. Or the pesky snake. In front of the tent, we had a neat bonfire, supplying the tent with warmth.

After devouring what we could, the family++ moved to the 'camp' area. Plastic mats were laid out. Everyone chilled out by the fire and ate cooked marshmellows.


Then, eventually, we ALL moved back to the house, where the adults decided to play the traditional game of 'Gin-rummy.' A great game that all the adults play together, filled with laughs, comedy, followed by more laughs. And sometimes attempts at killing one another. Especially if the killer lost the game.

'All together again,' I thought.

Thats the one thing about my family. We love being together. Those that fly from Kuantan, Johore, Ipoh, and even from London. My aunts and uncles were all raised together, thus all of my Mum's cousins are very close. And I'm happy to say that I myself am close to my cousins. And that's a bond that will never break.

Although some of us had to return the same night, most didn't. And indeed, the next day was as much fun as the night before.

My family, my life.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

Love ya!

Thursday, 25 December 2008

Merry Christmas Everybody!

Merry Christmas, everyone.

Drive safe. Be merry. Enjoy.

Salam Muhibbah.

Silent Night

Silent night, holy night
All is calm, all is bright
Round yon Virgin Mother and Child
Holy Infant so tender and mild
Sleep in heavenly peace
Sleep in heavenly peace

Silent night, holy night!
Shepherds quake at the sight
Glories stream from heaven afar
Heavenly hosts sing Alleluia!
Christ, the Saviour is born
Christ, the Saviour is born

Silent night, holy night
Son of God, love's pure light
Radiant beams from Thy holy face
With the dawn of redeeming grace
Jesus, Lord, at Thy birth
Jesus, Lord, at Thy birth

Statement from IJN Medical Consultants

19th December 2008

Statement from IJN medical consultants

We read with concern the perceived perception that the medical staff of IJN are demanding higher pay and will leave IJN if these demands are not met.

We feel it is important that these negative perceptions are correctly put into context.

The institution was set up in 1992 as a corporate body directly under the purview of Ministry of Finance. Its board of Directors include representatives from Ministry of Health and MOF to ensure its direction and objectives of providing good quality and affordable medical care to Malaysians from all walks of life are adhered to.

In that respect, IJN has done and continue to do well, both in maintaining its moral as well as financial obligations. The institution has been self-sustaining since its inception (and has been able to pay year end bonuses annually without fail). For 2007 and up to end Nov 2008, we have accumulated 285,764 number of outpatients, performed 15,084 cardiac catheterization interventions including angiograms and angioplasties, 6,094 heart and lung surgeries, 7 mechanical hearts and heart and lung transplants surgeries.

As true with any organization of our size, there will be people leaving the organization at various times in order to pursue different career paths. Over the last 7 years of operation, out of a total of 35 consultants, only 7 have left IJN to work either in local or overseas private centres. Therefore, our consultants' annual attrition rate is only 3%, and we have responded consistently over time to promote our home grown talents to fill up the voids accordingly. Currently, 75% of IJN consultants have been in their posts for more than 10 years.

All of us are salaried based on a different payscale than that of the MOH though not at par with the private centres. Periodic review of salary scale is usually undertaken, subject to approval from Ministry of Finance.

As proven from our consultants' attrition rate and longevity in serving this institution, it is logical to surmise that on the whole we are happy with the current scheme and proving it by remaining with IJN. Many of us have served more than 10 years, excluding time spent within the MOH Hospitals prior to setting up of IJN.

Being responsible employees of IJN, we are not in the position to dictate the outcome of the privatization proposal from Sime Darby to the stakeholders of IJN. However, the perception that the privatization proposal is in response to demands for higher remunerations by its medical staff is misconceived and must be corrected accordingly to safeguard and preserve the trust placed upon us by our patients.


Sultan Selangor, relayed by CPO: "Leave kids out of demonstrations."

Now, now, Tuanku.

Kids in demonstrations. That could be wrong. But lets see the circumstances first.

On the day of the BERSIH rally, I had a shoot to get to in Ukay Heights.

And I swear to you, if I didn't have that shoot, I'd have been there.

CPO, please investigate further into the presence of the kids there. Might they have attended the event of their own accord. Are you still going to charge he host for using kids?

I would have attended the BERSIH rally. I would have gone for the Penguin Walk. Are you still going to charge someone for me attending the event because I wanted to?

Honestly, I'm against party's or anyone using kids in demonstrations (friendly or not) as an attention grabber. I'm not okay with someone using me for my face or my age.

That's just not cool.

For me, I try not to let my age get in the way. If it's a cause I support, I'll support it whole-heartedly.

I support the abolishing of the ISA. I support the BERSIH cause. Hell, I support HINDRAF.

So if I'm the supporter, are you still going to charge someone else?

Sime Darby to purchase IJN

Wow... that's something stupid.

How many people rely on Institute Jantung Negara for their health care?

How many people know that everything Sime Darby touches turns to ashes?

Come on. Just look at the IJN staff. Everyone down to the cleaner doesn't want to work for Sime Darby. And for good reason too. They work for the people, giving the ordinary public good health care. And that's an admirable job.

My own grandma goes there. And she knows that if Sime Darby were to privatize IJN, the standard of service would drop due to Sime Darby's 'cost-cutting' schemes.

No more great doctors.

No more great service.

But there will be bills for civil servants.

I hope the Govt. gives out money grants for the servants who have to pay for their health care.

If not, we'll all 'lengkup.'

Saturday, 20 December 2008

Shoe hurled at Bush goes for $36,000,000

Now that's a headline.

Kudos, fella. You've served the world proud. Sorry about getting arrested, though. But you're a hero in the heart of the world anyway.

Why can't we all be as 'ballsy' (pardon my language) as that journalist? Why can't Malaysians as a whole come together to express ourselves? Why is it we have to get stuck with papers that lie to us daily and a Government that is doing everything else OTHER than governing?

I'm sad to say that only a handful of 'Rakyat Malaysia' have expressed their views.

And half of them are either being tailed by Special Branch or are (or have been) arrested wrongfully.

Is the Malaysian Government trying to become a communist country? We all know the plight of both China and Korea (both sides, if I may add). Is this what we, as a country, want?

If not, why the hell did we vote them into office?

I think that as Malaysians, we have earned the right to speak freely about our Government. And if the Government REALLY wants to oppress free thinkers, why not rule out voting as well? We'll have our beloved Pak Lah chose everything.

Honestly, that sounds quite interesting.

Until the wife of an.... office mate.... beheads him.

Now THAT would be interesting.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

May 2009 come with good news for all.

Thursday, 11 December 2008


I'm not going to beat around the bush about this, but I'm facing a monumental creativity block. I can't think straight, and when I do, it's usually about things that are only important to me. So please, bear with me. You're probably going to read some crap postings for a while, but do know that I am working on it. Hopefully, I can amend this problem soon.

Also, I'd like to thank all of you for being faithful readers.

Tuesday, 9 December 2008

Setting the record straight on Executive Cars

There's some stupid talk going around about how 'BMW is better than this...' and 'Mercedes rules the segment...' and crap like that. To be honest with you, no one does it better than Bentley, but that's what I think. And, to stop this nonsense I keep hearing, here's some monumental truths about these chauffeur driven boats.

In 1989, Mercedes-Benz (which was still under the Daimler-Chrysler name) released a ground breaking executive car, the S-Klasse. It had revolutionary technology, like ABS and EBD (though I'm not completely sure about EBD). It was by far the most luxurious car to own at the time, especially those who were swimming in cash with a minimum of 2 drivers. I say that, because I have been told by owners first-hand that the bloody thing drives like a boat. Sure, it's a great place to be in, but it isn't a great thing to drive.

In 1999, a Japanese brand was ready to send shivers up the German 3s' spines. Lexus released their jaw dropping LS400 in mid-'99 to a market where only the brand mattered. Even though the Japanese weren't strong contenders in the Large Executive Car market, the LS came to prove otherwise. Packed to the brim with new tech of the time, like massage chairs and auto-tinting sunroofs, it was by far the most advance and most complex car for the year. And for a very short while, the Lexus dominated sales charts until BMW released an eye-popping masterpiece that is still considered as the only car they'd drive.

In the same year Lexus made their stand in the Executive Car world, BMW debuted what's known to most as the most beautiful executive car in the world. The BMW 7-Series (that was featured in an installment of James Bond) stunned the world by introducing a new breed of executive cars. Sleek and low-slung, the 7-Series simply bamboozled the already aging designs of Merc and Lexus. The 7-Series made it a fact that you can take huge space and executive luxuries and put it on a great chassis. Personally, the BMW 7-Series is still my choice.

The new millennium was a landmark time for the executive car makers. The year witnessed the debuts of many new executive cars. The leader of the pack: the Mercedes-Benz S-Klasse. Sporting a new design stream, Mercedes-Benz tried their very best to make it a strong contender. Again, the S-Klasse was a real hit amongst those with the driven. But the drivers hated it. Again, the classic Mercedes problem: Great everything, crap driving. This particular model S became a test mule for many new systems, like DISTRONIC and DISTRONIC Plus and the AIRMATIC suspension system, which came as an option in later models.

In 2003, Lexus debuted their 2nd installment to the LS line: the LS430. As an upgrade from their last LS, it retained some of the old cars' plus points. It still had the cutting edge tech that their German counterparts had yet to incorporate, and it was still the ultimate car to be driven in, as the car is actually boss-oriented. Although Lexus still had many years to go before they became the Lexus we know today, the LS430 was an iconic stepping stone for Lexus into the hard-hitting world of executive cars.

BMW made auto headlines with the debut of their 'new millennium edition' 7-Series. Taking a rather abrupt swerve from the usual BMW style, the designers went absolutely bonkers on this machine. Although marginally better to drive compared to it's rivals, the buyers they were targeting were scared to even look at the car. The remarks I heard most was 'it looks like it's depressed' and 'have you seen the boot? It's hideous!' Indeed, it was considered a radical design by any one's standards, but it did become a stepping stone for the modern BMW's we drive today. Like the 5-Series, the 1-Series and the iconic 3-Series. In the words of Tom Ford; 'It's like dating a supermodel that's missing her two front teeth. You'd still date her, but it'll always be on the back of your mind.'

The long awaited replacement for the S-Klasse came in a startling package. The new design direction of Mercedes-Benz won over the hearts of fans around the world, except for those who still drive around in the 'vertical rectangle' headlight models of the 60's. The new S brought along a new kind of buyer; the new chairman who sometimes drives to work. It is still, by far, the most relaxing drive in the world, and is still mesmerizingly uncluttered in the back seat. A great package, although the standard rims could have done with some... size.

I was given the privilege of being driven in the latest LS within the first week of it arriving on Malaysian shores. Indeed, pulling up at a hotel, the car received mixed emotions from the jockeys, mostly a look of 'Wow, that's brand new.' The LS460 is a behemoth of a car, mind you. And it feels every bit a behemoth when driven. It doesn't drive that well, but it feels very composed at speeds. The massage function in built to the boss-chair will shiatsu all your worries away, and it's rumoured that CEO's will ask their drivers to take the jammed route back just to enjoy the massage!

The very latest 7-Series reached Malaysian shores early last year and has been a hit since. And I'm not going to beat around the bush, but the previous model looked like s***. The facelifted model gives a slightly watered down version of it's controversial predecessor, and allows for some of the put off buyers to take a second look. Indeed, sales of the 7 jumped at the release of the current model, and sales have maintained since. Though, there are rumours that the '09 model is going to have a near vertical grille. Oh Lord, please save BMW....
So, I have given a short description on all the real contenders in the market. 'Wait, wait' I can hear you shout, 'you forgot about Audi!' Lets face it, Audi was never a real contender in this segment. It's too understated, and it isn't exactly a lot of bang for a hell of a lot of buck. So I'm going to leave you to decide your own opinions on the 3, and see what you think. And while you're at it, check out PaulTan.Org on the '09 7-Series.