Tuesday, 3 February 2009

The North American Union and the RFID chip

Call me crazy, but don't deny it makes sense.

I know that we've got a new American President, but regardless, it could still happen.

I watched several videos on YouTube a few months back. There was one about 9/11, one about the North American currency as the Amero, and there was one about Iraq, Iran and invasions elsewhere.

I also watched a movie called 'Wag the Dog.' Now there's a head turner if there ever was one.

This all makes sense. The RFID chip, which has already begun circulation under false pretenses (such as passports, the 'RealID' card in the States, and the auto-credit program, also in the States). Why not manipulate this and use it for world domination (call me cheesy, but that's what it is) ?

I have homework to do, thus I am at a lack of time to explain. But I'm sure that this video below would be enough.

Salam Hormat, Malaysia.

Goodnight, my faithful readers.

What is to become of our country?

We don't have anyone to lead us. No one worthy of the post, that is.

No where, do I see someone fit to fix our country.

I use the term 'fix' because the modern Barisan government has truly ruined it.

I have no faith in our politicians.

My faith lies with our Agong. My faith lies with our Sultans. Say what you like, but in the Holy Quran, the Agongs and the Sultans are the 'deliverymen', per se, of God's divine order. I know, I know, some of you will say that only the Prophet can do that. Well, I suggest reading your Quran again, and read between the lines. I mean, truly find it's inner meaning.

I love Malaysia. She is my homeland, my beauty. My saviour, my harbour. My ancestors labour of love is what she is. And I will not rest until she is safe in good hands.

... but at 14, all I can do is rant on a blog no one reads.

Goodnight Malaysia. I love you so.

Head of MIC denies meeting opposition reps last night for proposition of party-hopping to MIC

Hmm. Sounded interesting when I saw it on the local news.

Party-hopping is becoming a trend, huh?

Now with so many of the opposition members supposedly wanting to join the BN clan, I'm sure the anti-defection law won't pass. But lets see the forecast first. If it bodes well for BN, I'm sure that the law would be banned from discussion in Parliament.

I love hot stories like this.

There's always speculation about what the networks report about ANY matter. So I always head to the blogosphere after the news. To find the REAL news, the way it's supposed to be told.

Hey, does anyone know the real story about the PKR members that went missing on Monday (after handing in letters of resignation on Sunday, if I'm not mistaken) ?

It's a funny thing, politics.

It used to be a serious issue. Who's best to run the country, who's the best candidate per constituency.

Now, the Malaysian government has become the laughing stock of the world. I bet you even the Tutsi's in Rwanda are laughing at us.

What's happened to Malaysia?

Why have we left it in the hands of moronic fools?

So many questions, and oh-so-much IQ amongst the parties to answer them.

I have no faith in our Government anymore.

I listen to the Agong and the Sultans now.

I no longer associate myself to any party. But I will say I'm anti-Barisan. And that will remain till the day the 'line-of-pooled-IQ' clean up their act.

God, save Malaysia.

God, save our Agong.

God, save our Sultans.

God, help us all.