Friday, 30 September 2011

PDRM says the crime rate is down?

I nearly pissed myself laughing when I saw this.

The GTP set forth by our dear leader maintains a Twitter account (@GTP_Roadmap). The day after a nineteen year-old suspected (underline: suspected) robber was shot dead in Taman Tun, the GTP Twitter account started saying something regarding Malaysian crime rates, tagging the PDRM Twitter account (@PDRMsia), tweeting that "crime rates nationwide have dropped since 2011."

I think this view is highly limited. What they don't tell you that while crimes committed by the people have dropped, offences carried out by the police has risen. Case in point: Aforementioned nineteen year old. Have I said Aminulrasyid yet? No? Let me say it again: Aminulrasyid.

Need. I. Say. More.

The satirist in me says this is a big government plot to curb spending, as it's cheaper to shoot & kill someone than it is to try them following the criminal justice system in Malaysia. However, the truth is that our police force think they can get away with anything and everything. More often than not, they do.

Don't you find this worrying? I do. Honestly speaking, I think we'd have very different statistics if the crimes committed by our police force were recorded. Wouldn't you agree? Alas, that is but a dream for now. Najib SAYS he's trying to crack down on corruption, but I have trouble believing that.

Whatever it is, the police should stop celebrating their little achievements. They shouldn't be celebrating at all. They are servants to the people. And until the people are happy, they should be striving to improve themselves.

But that requires admitting fault. And just like that, that daydream disappeared. Tsk.

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