Tuesday, 20 November 2007

Out Now!

Out Now! The November-December issue of TELL MAGAZINE! Special issue on Nurin Jazlin; topic of both Round-Table and Cover Story segments! Get your copy for RM8.00 at a street corner at an undisclosed location in Bangsar this Sunday (25th Nov)! Save RM0.90! Add 10 cents to your savings and you can buy a cheap ice cream! Get one today! (TELL, not ice cream)
  • Cover Story; NURIN Alert: How can we save a missing child?
  • Issue; A Walk Justified: Lawyers take to the streets.
  • Arts & Heritage; Malaysians: Looking at the diverse and exotic faces of our nation.
  • Travel; Taking On Delhi: Inside the capital of India.
  • Lifestyle; Oh Sweet Vintage: Retro fashionistas.
  • Travel; Still Life: A journey into Hoi An city in Vietnam.

And many more in this months' issue! Get it today!