Saturday, 20 March 2010

1Malaysia: Is it truly making a difference?

Salam 1Malaysia.

As I type away furiously on my BlackBerry® smartphone, I observe the conditions here at the New Eve Hair Salon in PJ State, where I am waiting for my dearest Grandma to get her hair done. We've been coming here for years, and she insists that they do it better here than Cut Above.

As in most of these places, there's always lively chatter. People waving magazines and shouting quotes. They all speak the common languages: Bahasa Malaysia & English.

Its always been like this. Before Najib, before Pak Lah. Never changed while the rest of the world did. So has the 1Malaysia campaign made a difference here?

Hell no. What difference is needed here?

Indeed, Malaysia needs to be united. I get nauseous whenever I hear racial slurs or see people treat others differently. I scream when I hear the word 'Keling', in fact (you do not want to know how long I deliberated on whether I ought to type that or not).

I quote my Grandaunt from Kuantan: "Why should Malaysia spend so much on the 1Malaysia campaign? We were 1Malaysia back in 1935!"

Now, as for effects, I so far see none. The Government is, again, wasting taxpayers dollars on senseless expenses. Its not about having a logo, or a tagline. Its about instilling the need & want & desire to be united. Sure, we have Civic Education, but how can we be educated when the teachers are as 1Malaysia as a shellfish?

So, please. Stop wasting our money on unnecessary projects. We need money elsewhere, where poverty is at its highest. Or in our public transport system, to reduce congestion on the roads.

Or better still... nah, I might get arrested for defamation.

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