Saturday, 31 January 2009

Police Brutality: R.I.P Kugan.

I didn't catch on to this until late yesterday evening.

I was at home, reading blog postings when I found it.

Never to late to air an opinion, right?

Kugan died in police custody. And lets just say that death in the lockup happens too often here.

Now, police brutality isn't a new thing here. I've read about victims, and heard their story. It's just another form of power abuse. The same kind of abuse some of our ministers and public figures enjoy (when they have the right contacts, that is).

No, it's not pleasing to hear of these cases. The worst thing is that there are still no suspects on the matter yet.

I read in a book written by a cop. 'Cops don't like cops that rat out on other cops.'

So is that some kind of blatant sign that suggests this will never be solved?

I don't know. It might be. I'm sure it is.

But I know for sure that this'll never be solved. I refer to the statement above.

They'll just file it under 'Unsolved Deaths in Police Custody.' A file that is most definitely bulging.

And if anyone tries to bring the matter up, the 5-oh will just fire tear gas at them.


Friday, 30 January 2009

Rocky-Haris is over. But there are other opinions...

'Rocky is a BN stooge.'

'Haris is a human rights lawyer. Of course he's right!'

'Rocky has never failed us before.'

'Haris has made so many sacrifices over the years, to the extent he can't take his family on vacation.' ( read the original post by Marahku here.)

These are some of the opinions aired about the Rocky-Haris dispute.

Thankfully, this dispute is now over. On good terms, no less.

Uncle Haris, I thank you for your courage to do the right thing.

And Uncle Rocky, thanks for not being to brash about it and make Uncle Haris look really bad.

Now, I feel it's time to air my view.

I've never believed in informants or witnesses as true ways of obtaining information. As I had commented on 'The People's Parliament,' a common man can always be frayed by a bulging envelope from a minister's P.A. And you can always be misinformed by your informant's informant.

Informants are NEVER the way to go.

But, nonetheless, I applaud Uncle Haris. Yes, he may have been misinformed, but not only did he offer an apology, but he also stood his ground.

Which is a mark of a fantastic lawyer.

As for Uncle Rocky, I understand if you were with JJ, and yes, I also understand your point about the informants' informant maybe getting your name mixed up with Khairuddin. There are always people up to no good out there. That's why we call is life.

Anyway, I feel deeply relieved that this is all over, as there was a dispute between Rocky and another blogger, which is still unresolved.

One problem at a time, eh?

Thursday, 29 January 2009

The Rocky-Haris dispute.

For those of you who haven't heard the story, go to Rocky's Bru and The People's Parliament for the original post and The People's Parliament 2 for Haris' reply.

This is very saddening news. Another one of the bloggers picking a fight with Rocky.

Why is everyone so interested in burning bridges?

A common phrase used amongst bloggers.

'We agree to disagree.'

Although disagreements are always abound, we always end the day hand-in-hand.

Haris, if you're reading, can you actually trust this informant? I mean, honestly?

Rocky, I suggest you cough up that little bit of evidence proving that one of the individuals involved weren't in KL at all.

And please, let's resolve this in an orderly fashion, eh?

Saturday, 10 January 2009

Hishammudin to organize mass protests against Gaza USING schoolchildren

This is interesting...

I say this because DYMM Sultan Selangor had already mentioned to leave kids out of protests in response to the JERIT protests.

It seems that our dear Education Minister needs to understand something about protests.

Protests are held VOLUNTARILY. All children that attended the JERIT and BERSIH rallies came voluntarily. And knowing the Education Ministry and how they handle things, they'll rope in everyone they can, not bothering about some of us that feel they ought not to go.

I'll be honest. I'm somewhere in the middle on this. Because organizing protests like this will instill a need for the average man (or those soon to be) to speak up.

But I feel that this is ALSO a stupid move by the Ministry. Because all this time, teachers, heads of schools and the Ministry themselves have been against blogs and protests (which translates to not supporting free speech).

And by holding these protests, they're literally making their objective VERY blurry.

Are they AGAINST or FOR free speech?

If they're against it, they ought not to hold these protests.

If they're for it, they REALLY have to shut the teachers and headmasters/headmistresses to shut up, because they've always been against free speech.

Tell me, Hishammudin, which one of the two above are YOU?

Friday, 9 January 2009

Boycott US products?

This is absolute nonsense.

Let me explain:

When we boycott US products (like fast food, processed food, skincare products and such), all the people that work for American companies (like those mentioned above) will lose their jobs.

And when that happens, the (still stronger) American economy will fall, but ours will fall harder.

The Malaysian Ringgit isn't quite as strong as we want them to be. But with a MONUMENTAL loss of jobs, coupled with the economic crisis (that Asia will be hit with very soon), we could be looking at higher rates of poverty than ever before.

How does this benefit MALAYSIA?

We might end up worse than those that we're out to hurt.

But hey, if you really want to boycott American companies, lets start with Astro.

Because we all know the percentage of it is owned by Americans.

Oh, and lets not forget cigarettes.

No more Benson & Hedges, no Malboro.

Mind you, 70% of our ciggs here are American...

Katakan 'tak nak' kepada merokok.

Tuesday, 6 January 2009

Frost & Sullivan project increase in Proton sales, new MPV could be the saviour

Yeah bloody right.

Like any man with 120k is going to buy a Proton. If any man respects his dignity, his family and his wallet, he wouldn't buy a Proton.

For heavens sake, must I spell it out for you?

P-E-O-P-L-E H-A-T-E P-R-O-T-O-N.

And no over-priced MPV is going to help.

For 8x,xxx you can get an MPV from the Chinese manufacturer, Chery. The Eastar (forgive the name) comes with a leather interior (as standard) and comes with most of the safety mod-cons that you get in a mid-level vehicle.

And here's the kicker: The Proton MPV will be produced on the SAME platform as the Chery.

So why are we paying so much more for a shit car when you can pay less for a great one?

For once, I think Frost & Sullivan might be REALLY wrong about this.

And I know for a fact that if Perodua came out with an MPV, Proton is sooooooooo screwed.

Sunday, 4 January 2009

2009 with nothing on top.

Sime Darby to purchase IJN.

Economy set to slow down in the months to come.

Police still don't know what they're doing.

My resolutions?

None. That way I'm not disappointed at the beginning fo next year.

Personally, I'm feeling rather depressed at the moment. Because the 9th of January is looming, which will mark 1 year since Sharlinie Nashar's disappearance.

The worst thing is that (please forgive me for not being optimistic) her captors haven't contacted the family.

Which means that she's either in China or Thailand right now, being abused in more ways than one.

May the Powers that Be save her from her reality and send her captors to hell.

May 2009 bring closure to this gruelling ordeal.