Wednesday, 31 December 2008

PAS man says: 'Hina Islam perbuatan keji.'

Excuse me, sir. Why is it that when they insult our religion, we call them 'Keji.' Yet, when we insult their religion, they don't call us 'Keji?'

OK people, it's time to get the facts straight.

My family is Muhibbah. We have Indian-Muslim family members, we have Europeans, and even a Greek. We don't insult other peoples culture or religion, because that's how we get by. By being friends with everyone from everywhere. We don't care who you are, where you're from, or where you're headed. But we'll be your friend, we'll lend a helping hand.

Even when I'm at school, I make it a point to have friends from all backgrounds, that way everyone gets to learn a little about everyone, and we all become more knowledgeable. Yet, there are some (Malays, mind you) that insult me (for befriending 'orang kafir') and them (for being non-Muslim).

And I hate them.

But what I want to know is, why is it when we call them 'keji' or 'kafir', they don't make a fuss. But when WE are called that, there's an uproar.

People, listen. We are Malaysians, aren't we? We are a multi-racial, multi-religious country, and we're proud of it. So, let's not look at our differences, but celebrate our similarities. Let us be together, united.

Let's be Bangsa Malaysia.

And lets not let anyone stand in the way.

My Christmas

I don't know about you, but in my family, Christmas is always something we look forward too. The decorations, the location, the company.... and the food, of course. This year, we did not have as many people to cater to, as some of us had to go abroad to visit relatives and friends. Look at it this way: If 3 is a crowd, then 30-40 is practically a concert.

It started early, with the cooking of 3, perfectly marinated (for 4 days) turkeys. Then came the boiling of the potatoes for Mash and Roast Potatoes. Then we moved to Apple Crumble, Custard, Trifle, and Salad, of course.

We started eating at about 7.30. It was a beautiful evening, and the sky in Janda Baik was as clear as ever. Every planet, every star, all laid out for your enjoyment. Honestly, that's a moment when I know that God is by my side. Gazing with me, into the black beyond, laughing at the beauty of the simplest things.

We set up 1 tent outside, for the brave soldiers who might want to seek refuge there. Mind you, Janda Baik is still mostly forest, and home to many characters. Like the wild boar. Or the pesky snake. In front of the tent, we had a neat bonfire, supplying the tent with warmth.

After devouring what we could, the family++ moved to the 'camp' area. Plastic mats were laid out. Everyone chilled out by the fire and ate cooked marshmellows.


Then, eventually, we ALL moved back to the house, where the adults decided to play the traditional game of 'Gin-rummy.' A great game that all the adults play together, filled with laughs, comedy, followed by more laughs. And sometimes attempts at killing one another. Especially if the killer lost the game.

'All together again,' I thought.

Thats the one thing about my family. We love being together. Those that fly from Kuantan, Johore, Ipoh, and even from London. My aunts and uncles were all raised together, thus all of my Mum's cousins are very close. And I'm happy to say that I myself am close to my cousins. And that's a bond that will never break.

Although some of us had to return the same night, most didn't. And indeed, the next day was as much fun as the night before.

My family, my life.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

Love ya!

Thursday, 25 December 2008

Merry Christmas Everybody!

Merry Christmas, everyone.

Drive safe. Be merry. Enjoy.

Salam Muhibbah.

Silent Night

Silent night, holy night
All is calm, all is bright
Round yon Virgin Mother and Child
Holy Infant so tender and mild
Sleep in heavenly peace
Sleep in heavenly peace

Silent night, holy night!
Shepherds quake at the sight
Glories stream from heaven afar
Heavenly hosts sing Alleluia!
Christ, the Saviour is born
Christ, the Saviour is born

Silent night, holy night
Son of God, love's pure light
Radiant beams from Thy holy face
With the dawn of redeeming grace
Jesus, Lord, at Thy birth
Jesus, Lord, at Thy birth

Statement from IJN Medical Consultants

19th December 2008

Statement from IJN medical consultants

We read with concern the perceived perception that the medical staff of IJN are demanding higher pay and will leave IJN if these demands are not met.

We feel it is important that these negative perceptions are correctly put into context.

The institution was set up in 1992 as a corporate body directly under the purview of Ministry of Finance. Its board of Directors include representatives from Ministry of Health and MOF to ensure its direction and objectives of providing good quality and affordable medical care to Malaysians from all walks of life are adhered to.

In that respect, IJN has done and continue to do well, both in maintaining its moral as well as financial obligations. The institution has been self-sustaining since its inception (and has been able to pay year end bonuses annually without fail). For 2007 and up to end Nov 2008, we have accumulated 285,764 number of outpatients, performed 15,084 cardiac catheterization interventions including angiograms and angioplasties, 6,094 heart and lung surgeries, 7 mechanical hearts and heart and lung transplants surgeries.

As true with any organization of our size, there will be people leaving the organization at various times in order to pursue different career paths. Over the last 7 years of operation, out of a total of 35 consultants, only 7 have left IJN to work either in local or overseas private centres. Therefore, our consultants' annual attrition rate is only 3%, and we have responded consistently over time to promote our home grown talents to fill up the voids accordingly. Currently, 75% of IJN consultants have been in their posts for more than 10 years.

All of us are salaried based on a different payscale than that of the MOH though not at par with the private centres. Periodic review of salary scale is usually undertaken, subject to approval from Ministry of Finance.

As proven from our consultants' attrition rate and longevity in serving this institution, it is logical to surmise that on the whole we are happy with the current scheme and proving it by remaining with IJN. Many of us have served more than 10 years, excluding time spent within the MOH Hospitals prior to setting up of IJN.

Being responsible employees of IJN, we are not in the position to dictate the outcome of the privatization proposal from Sime Darby to the stakeholders of IJN. However, the perception that the privatization proposal is in response to demands for higher remunerations by its medical staff is misconceived and must be corrected accordingly to safeguard and preserve the trust placed upon us by our patients.


Sultan Selangor, relayed by CPO: "Leave kids out of demonstrations."

Now, now, Tuanku.

Kids in demonstrations. That could be wrong. But lets see the circumstances first.

On the day of the BERSIH rally, I had a shoot to get to in Ukay Heights.

And I swear to you, if I didn't have that shoot, I'd have been there.

CPO, please investigate further into the presence of the kids there. Might they have attended the event of their own accord. Are you still going to charge he host for using kids?

I would have attended the BERSIH rally. I would have gone for the Penguin Walk. Are you still going to charge someone for me attending the event because I wanted to?

Honestly, I'm against party's or anyone using kids in demonstrations (friendly or not) as an attention grabber. I'm not okay with someone using me for my face or my age.

That's just not cool.

For me, I try not to let my age get in the way. If it's a cause I support, I'll support it whole-heartedly.

I support the abolishing of the ISA. I support the BERSIH cause. Hell, I support HINDRAF.

So if I'm the supporter, are you still going to charge someone else?

Sime Darby to purchase IJN

Wow... that's something stupid.

How many people rely on Institute Jantung Negara for their health care?

How many people know that everything Sime Darby touches turns to ashes?

Come on. Just look at the IJN staff. Everyone down to the cleaner doesn't want to work for Sime Darby. And for good reason too. They work for the people, giving the ordinary public good health care. And that's an admirable job.

My own grandma goes there. And she knows that if Sime Darby were to privatize IJN, the standard of service would drop due to Sime Darby's 'cost-cutting' schemes.

No more great doctors.

No more great service.

But there will be bills for civil servants.

I hope the Govt. gives out money grants for the servants who have to pay for their health care.

If not, we'll all 'lengkup.'

Saturday, 20 December 2008

Shoe hurled at Bush goes for $36,000,000

Now that's a headline.

Kudos, fella. You've served the world proud. Sorry about getting arrested, though. But you're a hero in the heart of the world anyway.

Why can't we all be as 'ballsy' (pardon my language) as that journalist? Why can't Malaysians as a whole come together to express ourselves? Why is it we have to get stuck with papers that lie to us daily and a Government that is doing everything else OTHER than governing?

I'm sad to say that only a handful of 'Rakyat Malaysia' have expressed their views.

And half of them are either being tailed by Special Branch or are (or have been) arrested wrongfully.

Is the Malaysian Government trying to become a communist country? We all know the plight of both China and Korea (both sides, if I may add). Is this what we, as a country, want?

If not, why the hell did we vote them into office?

I think that as Malaysians, we have earned the right to speak freely about our Government. And if the Government REALLY wants to oppress free thinkers, why not rule out voting as well? We'll have our beloved Pak Lah chose everything.

Honestly, that sounds quite interesting.

Until the wife of an.... office mate.... beheads him.

Now THAT would be interesting.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

May 2009 come with good news for all.

Thursday, 11 December 2008


I'm not going to beat around the bush about this, but I'm facing a monumental creativity block. I can't think straight, and when I do, it's usually about things that are only important to me. So please, bear with me. You're probably going to read some crap postings for a while, but do know that I am working on it. Hopefully, I can amend this problem soon.

Also, I'd like to thank all of you for being faithful readers.

Tuesday, 9 December 2008

Setting the record straight on Executive Cars

There's some stupid talk going around about how 'BMW is better than this...' and 'Mercedes rules the segment...' and crap like that. To be honest with you, no one does it better than Bentley, but that's what I think. And, to stop this nonsense I keep hearing, here's some monumental truths about these chauffeur driven boats.

In 1989, Mercedes-Benz (which was still under the Daimler-Chrysler name) released a ground breaking executive car, the S-Klasse. It had revolutionary technology, like ABS and EBD (though I'm not completely sure about EBD). It was by far the most luxurious car to own at the time, especially those who were swimming in cash with a minimum of 2 drivers. I say that, because I have been told by owners first-hand that the bloody thing drives like a boat. Sure, it's a great place to be in, but it isn't a great thing to drive.

In 1999, a Japanese brand was ready to send shivers up the German 3s' spines. Lexus released their jaw dropping LS400 in mid-'99 to a market where only the brand mattered. Even though the Japanese weren't strong contenders in the Large Executive Car market, the LS came to prove otherwise. Packed to the brim with new tech of the time, like massage chairs and auto-tinting sunroofs, it was by far the most advance and most complex car for the year. And for a very short while, the Lexus dominated sales charts until BMW released an eye-popping masterpiece that is still considered as the only car they'd drive.

In the same year Lexus made their stand in the Executive Car world, BMW debuted what's known to most as the most beautiful executive car in the world. The BMW 7-Series (that was featured in an installment of James Bond) stunned the world by introducing a new breed of executive cars. Sleek and low-slung, the 7-Series simply bamboozled the already aging designs of Merc and Lexus. The 7-Series made it a fact that you can take huge space and executive luxuries and put it on a great chassis. Personally, the BMW 7-Series is still my choice.

The new millennium was a landmark time for the executive car makers. The year witnessed the debuts of many new executive cars. The leader of the pack: the Mercedes-Benz S-Klasse. Sporting a new design stream, Mercedes-Benz tried their very best to make it a strong contender. Again, the S-Klasse was a real hit amongst those with the driven. But the drivers hated it. Again, the classic Mercedes problem: Great everything, crap driving. This particular model S became a test mule for many new systems, like DISTRONIC and DISTRONIC Plus and the AIRMATIC suspension system, which came as an option in later models.

In 2003, Lexus debuted their 2nd installment to the LS line: the LS430. As an upgrade from their last LS, it retained some of the old cars' plus points. It still had the cutting edge tech that their German counterparts had yet to incorporate, and it was still the ultimate car to be driven in, as the car is actually boss-oriented. Although Lexus still had many years to go before they became the Lexus we know today, the LS430 was an iconic stepping stone for Lexus into the hard-hitting world of executive cars.

BMW made auto headlines with the debut of their 'new millennium edition' 7-Series. Taking a rather abrupt swerve from the usual BMW style, the designers went absolutely bonkers on this machine. Although marginally better to drive compared to it's rivals, the buyers they were targeting were scared to even look at the car. The remarks I heard most was 'it looks like it's depressed' and 'have you seen the boot? It's hideous!' Indeed, it was considered a radical design by any one's standards, but it did become a stepping stone for the modern BMW's we drive today. Like the 5-Series, the 1-Series and the iconic 3-Series. In the words of Tom Ford; 'It's like dating a supermodel that's missing her two front teeth. You'd still date her, but it'll always be on the back of your mind.'

The long awaited replacement for the S-Klasse came in a startling package. The new design direction of Mercedes-Benz won over the hearts of fans around the world, except for those who still drive around in the 'vertical rectangle' headlight models of the 60's. The new S brought along a new kind of buyer; the new chairman who sometimes drives to work. It is still, by far, the most relaxing drive in the world, and is still mesmerizingly uncluttered in the back seat. A great package, although the standard rims could have done with some... size.

I was given the privilege of being driven in the latest LS within the first week of it arriving on Malaysian shores. Indeed, pulling up at a hotel, the car received mixed emotions from the jockeys, mostly a look of 'Wow, that's brand new.' The LS460 is a behemoth of a car, mind you. And it feels every bit a behemoth when driven. It doesn't drive that well, but it feels very composed at speeds. The massage function in built to the boss-chair will shiatsu all your worries away, and it's rumoured that CEO's will ask their drivers to take the jammed route back just to enjoy the massage!

The very latest 7-Series reached Malaysian shores early last year and has been a hit since. And I'm not going to beat around the bush, but the previous model looked like s***. The facelifted model gives a slightly watered down version of it's controversial predecessor, and allows for some of the put off buyers to take a second look. Indeed, sales of the 7 jumped at the release of the current model, and sales have maintained since. Though, there are rumours that the '09 model is going to have a near vertical grille. Oh Lord, please save BMW....
So, I have given a short description on all the real contenders in the market. 'Wait, wait' I can hear you shout, 'you forgot about Audi!' Lets face it, Audi was never a real contender in this segment. It's too understated, and it isn't exactly a lot of bang for a hell of a lot of buck. So I'm going to leave you to decide your own opinions on the 3, and see what you think. And while you're at it, check out PaulTan.Org on the '09 7-Series.

Sunday, 5 October 2008

Happy Eid Al-Fitr!

Hi everyone.

I just want to wish all my readers Happy Eid Al-Fitr!

It's the time to forgive and forget, in the words of a particular Minster in his Prime years.

Time to forgive relatives, friends, and all you may have wronged.

But I think the Minister meant to forgive his Cabinet for stealing funds (that should be for the poor) and to forget the poor ever existed.

Yeah right.

We're a lot smarter than you think.

Friday, 19 September 2008

What do we do now?

Sheih Kickdafella's been arrested.

Doesn't bode well for us bloggers.

I hear a whole bunch of bloggers are going to get rounded up soon.

I'm going to get arrested 'for my own safety'.

I wonder what kind of treatment us VVIP's get in there.

Why is it our government likes to suppress the truth?

Is it because the truth may just bring them ti their knees?

It's pathetic, I tell you. Just because us bloggers want to do something about the current situation in the country, they go and pull us down for 'Sedition' or slap the ISA on us. For once in my life, I feel like telling the truth may be a crime.

If we're going to get arrested for our own bloody safety, you ought to make those prisons a little larger. Because if that's the case, a whole lot of bloody people are going to ask to get in there, because it's obviously not safe enough for them out here.

Maybe we should start arresting tourists too, to avoid them getting blown up by C4's.

Or arrest entire families, so that their safety is ensured.

What kind of a s**ty answer is that?

Seriously, the Govt. ought to employ someone with a brain to speak for their Reps. during press conferences to avoid getting stupid answers like arresting people for their own safety. Tak masuk akal. But then again, half of the Parliament dont have an akal, right? Akal ada pun tak berguna, sat mereka tak tahu macam mana n'dak guna, is a answer from an old relative of mine when asked.

I knew that the whole Taipei thing must have been some kind of ploy to stop September 16th from happening. Why else would they send the whole Parliament to Taipei?

Don't worry, I honestly think that the power-shift is coming.

I still don't know when, though.

Get ready because when it gets here, it's going to rock BN to the ground.

Then they can kiss goodbye to all those ill-gained riches.

Thursday, 18 September 2008

Oh deary me, what have they done?

I don't think UMNO or any of their friends are going to last long.

They're making too many stupid mistakes.

Everyone is so busy back-stabbing each other, that nobody is actually governing the country.

After all this is dealt with, what is left of our beloved country?

Ok, let's look at the facts. All the money that ought to be used to 'alleviate poverty' is being used for 'something it ought not to be used for'. So what happens to the people that should be receiving the money? They 'slowly creep into poverty'. But at least the Menteri's are living comfortably, right?

Just for your info, UMNO's got a housing project in Janda Baik, Pahang.

Must be the ex-MB Selangor getting lonely. Probably built them for all his suap buddies.

I was pondering on an issue of a glossy news magazine the other day. The article was about the elections. I saw all the glossy pictures of BN supporters putting up flags and banners, then being whisked away in an army of black pick-up trucks.

Those trucks didn't look older than a month.

Those trucks were decorated in BN paraphernalia.

I don't remember the purchase of expensive trucks in the 9th M.P. or the 2008 Budget.

Where did that money come from? Shouldn't it have been put to better use?

Right now, all I want is a new (or revised) Government. All I want is to see all those *____________* kicked out of their beautiful leather chairs in their tastelessly decorated offices. I want all that money returned. I want that money to be utilized properly. Food & shelter for the homeless, things like that. Or revamping the Education system.

Revamping the education system is important

Because the Menteri's we have are a result of our education system.

Right now, I'm not supporting any party in particular. Anything but BN. I'm living under BN rule now, but I don't want to die under BN. Anything but that.

Wednesday, 17 September 2008

Oh, the 16th's past has it?

My word. I didn't read the papers yesterday. I hadn't the slightest idea that yesterday was d-day. And looky here! Everything's........ the same.

My dear Datuk Anwar, what have you done? Some of your supporters were looking forward to the change, and now some of them are looking at you like some kind of pretentious idiot. They're disappointed, and some of them are hoping for a new savior. Is that how you want to be seen?

I am disappointed. When I saw the newspapers piled up at the local 7-Eleven, I thought they'd all say 'Anwar Ibrahim successful!' or 'Anwar the new PM!'. And I was crestfallen to find that the day was so uneventful that I didn't even notice.

Come on! This country needs change. And it needs it NOW. Because we're at the edge. And in order for us NOT to fall off the cliff, we need (I know I said it already) change. Somehow, I think that our pathetic government is DESPERATE for someone with a backbone and a BRAIN to sit in the top chair.

You know who could have been a great PM? Rafidah Aziz. While the guys were mucking about, calling each other prats and what-evers in Parliament, Rafidah went straight to the point. She got things done. And I personally think the whole AP license fiasco was just a set up to make her look bad. Typical of our Kerajaan, kan?

Regardless, if Anwar wants to take over our Govt, do it quick. We can't wait much longer. Hurry up, some of us are getting inpatient......

Monday, 8 September 2008

What are you doing, Dato' Ahmad?

I watched the news today. I don't usually watch the news, because it's all controlled anyway. (Don't know what I mean? Watch the movie 'Wag the Dog'.) And what's the first thing I see? A BN goon making a ruckus at a press conference. Finally, something that isn't censored.

Ok, Dato. Tell me, what did Koh Soo Koon do to you? What, did he actually tell you just how much of a narrow-minded brat you are? Orang kampung pun hidup berharmoni. Melayu, India, Cina. Tak kira.

Absolutely pathetic. If Tun Dr. Mahathir was around, I'm sure he'd be jailed under the ISA, or under whatever bogus charge they can come up with (which they're good at). But both Najib & Abdullah have NO backbone. Not even 1 comment on the matter.

Let's be honest. BN haven't got a leg to stand on. September 16th, hopefully, will be the last time we'll see them. And we thought they'd play it cool, and maybe go out with a bang. But with this fiasco on the table, the post-millenia BN may be noted in history as 'a millennium mistake.'

What on God's blessed Earth could the Gerakan members have done to this hot-tempered git to have incurred a wrath of this magnitude? No matter how idiotic this guy may seem, it's a valid question. I don't follow the news, and my Internet connection sucks, so brilliant blogs like Rocky's Bru are a little out of reach. Please, fill me in!

To you Barisan supporters who may be reading this blog, try and get your beloved Party to get it's act together. It's sad. Not to mention childish. May September 16Th bring good tidings to this country.

Thursday, 4 September 2008

Goodbye, Tok Samad


Alahyarham Tok Samad Ismail passed away earlier this evening.

He is an ex-journalist.

He is an ex-ISA detainee.

He fought for free media.

He fought health issues.

He was a fighter.

He is our Bapa Kewartawanan.

His presence will always be felt in the hearts of many journalists.

His memory will live on in the hearts of those who know him.

He leaves behind a wife and children to carry on the legacy.

May have a great afterlife.

'For all great things must come to an end.'

'Khun Faya-Khun' (Surah Yasiin) For what He wills, will be.


Wednesday, 3 September 2008

Ok guys, this is it.

I have, for a long time, supported free media. The public deserves the REAL TRUTH and not the fabricated stuff we're spoon-fed everyday. The public DESERVES the truth by the printed media, and not through the constantly defamed blogs you read.

2008 Memorandum on Media Freedom

Sponsored by: Aliran Kesedaran Negara, Benar for Free and Fair Media , Centre for Independent Journalism, Civil Rights Committee, Kuala Lumpur and Selangor Chinese Assembly Hall, Civil Society Initiative for Parliamentary Reform, Gerakan Mansuhkan ISA, Kuala Lumpur and Selangor Chinese Assembly Hall Youth Section, Malaysia Youth and Student Democratic Movement, National Alliance of Bloggers, People’s Parliament, Persatuan Kesedaran Komuniti, Selangor, Sister in Islam,

Suara Rakyat Malaysia and Writer Alliance for Media Independence

Signatures to be submitted to the national and state leaders on October 27, 2008

Support the reat thing. Sign the Memorandum at

Tuesday, 2 September 2008

What will we do without Tuesdays with Bapak?

Bismilla Hirrahman-irrahim. Tok Samad is in hospital.

Nuraina looks as if she hasn't slept in weeks.

Pray for Tok Samad.

What would Malay Literature be without him?

What would Malaysia be without him? Without his ongoing struggle for what is right?

God help him.


Great Buka Puasa dishes

If you have a need for roti john;

  1. Roti John in SS5. Near the Customs, at the shops near the field
  2. Roti John at the SS5 Ramadhan Bazaar. He's the 5th on the left this year
  3. Roti John at the Shah Alam Stadium. Haven't had a chance to go there yet this year
If Ayam Golek is your thing;

  1. Ayam Golek @ SS5 Ramadhan Bazaar. To DIE FOR! And their prices haven't changed since 2006
  2. Ayam Golek @ Stadium Shah Alam. A big place, usually. And also furnished with a VERY LONG LINE.
How bout Appam Balik?

  2. The appam balik stalls on the 3rd row at the end @ Stadium Shah Alam
That's it from me! Goodnight everybody!

Friday, 29 August 2008

Welcome to the Government (again) Anwar

Ok, those of you who aren't happy with the results of the Permatang Pauh By-Elections, raise your hands. Alright. Those of you who are ecstatic with the results, raise your hands. I thought so. I'd firstly like to congratulate Dato' Seri Anwar Ibrahim on winning the post. If you're reading this, which I doubt, I hope that with your new place in Parliament, this country will move to the better.

Now that Anwar is part of the Parliament, the presence of opposing parties is felt amongst BN-ers. Which is good. Because now that BN feel it, maybe they'd realize that Malaysians are finally beginning to accept the fact that there are (now) parties with potential to lead our country, with better candidates for the top job (sorry Abdullah).

I now begin to understand the Anwar-Saiful whatever-his-name thing. It's pretty obvious that Saiful whatever-his-name has exhausted all his other options, and chosen the Religious path of things. Yeah, whatever. So you swore under the Quran. Big deal. Alot of people are no longer scared of God. So the question now is, is Saiful one of them?

I honestly find it strange to try and get the attention of the out-of-town-ers by swearing under the Quran. (And by out-of-town-ers, I mean those people who still feel the presence of God when they prostrate to Him. Those who frown upon the very thought of men and women mingling in a coffee shop. Those who think arranged marriages are a way of life.) Maybe he did, but the fact of the matter is, the people of Permatang Pauh aren't quite kuno enough. If Anwar was contesting in Gambang (sorry), or Jinjang Utara (sorry again), maybe Saiful may have had an impact.

Honestly, I don't swing any way. First I thought that Saiful was just a Government stooge, but then certain things make me think otherwise. I think I'm going to leave it to God. Because He has already promised that those who do right, go to Paradise. And the Sinners will rot in Hell until his debt is paid. When that the debt is paid is not for me to decide, though.

Wednesday, 20 August 2008

The National Anthem; Do we respect it enough?

I was just at a shopping complex near my home, walking around, window shopping. My grandmother and I were enjoying the day, when all of a sudden, we heard Negaraku being played on the shopping complexes PA system. We, unlike everyone else, stood straight amongst the piercing stares from other shoppers. After the National Anthem finished, we voiced our dislikes and how it was an inconvenience. We then left to avoid the stares if the National Anthem played again.

I understand the playing of patriotic songs for this month as it is the Month of Independence. But playing the Negaraku is a bit much. This is the first time I've heard it over a PA system, but I have heard it many times on Radio stations and such. For someone who harbours a deep love and respect toward my beloved Country, I find it very annoying to have to stand straight every 15 minutes or so.

If you haven't noticed, the National Anthem is played during official functions, before a show at Istana Budaya, and every time it plays, we all STAND AS STRAIGHT AS AN ARROW AS A SHOW OF RESPECT TO THE NATIONAL ANTHEM. So why do you play it on radios? So drivers can stop in the middle of the road and stand by their cars (in the middle of the highway) to respect the National Anthem? Or at shopping malls, so people there (shoppers or shop-keepers) can stop whatever they're doing to respect the National Anthem?

Stop this misuse of the Anthem now. It inconveniences anyone who cares about it. Do you respect the National Anthem?

Sunday, 10 August 2008

The Moment of Truth or Humiliation?

Who hasn't got an Astro set at home? Ok, whose got Star World? If you do, you must have heard of the new show called 'Moment of Truth'. I have a bone to pick with this show. First, I will explain what the shows all about.

It's a game show in the States where they strap contestants to a chair, wire a lie detector to them and ask them cruel questions. If they don't lie through the whole thing, you get $500,000. Simple? No. Because some of these questions may ruin your life.

Have you ever done something that you'd rather sweep under the rug than to tell the world? Like accidentally scratching a guys car but not sticking around to pay what you owe? Or maybe gambled away your kids college funds? Of course you have (done something you'd rather not tell anyone about, minor or major). And 'The Moment of Truth' will reveal ALL.

Once you get on TV, even for 5 minutes, you become famous. This show reveals your deepest darkest secrets, like if you've ever cheated on your spouse, cheated someone out of their money, or stolen anything. And after you're done with the show, win it or lose it, people know who you are. And they're going to taunt you, and they're going to call you names, dirty your car, throw stuff at you. And that makes your life a living hell.

It isn't fair to ruin someones life just for entertainment. Sometimes people jump at a money opportunity without thinking of the consequences properly. And these people take advantage of that? That redefines the meaning of evil in my book. And wherever you go, these people will be taunting you. Migrate, whatever, they're still going to know who you are. And some people have no sympathy. They'll follow you, just to torment you. How would that make you feel?

Write your feelings toward the situation in my 'Comments' box and I'll post it up in 1 week's time.

Thursday, 7 August 2008

You Have Gone Too Far

Yesterday, I received a printout from my BM Teacher, ... ......... It's title was 'Ciri-Ciri Negatif Internet'. I personally have NOTHING against the Internet, and find it as a fun tool to get information about a wide range of topics. So I though nothing about it. Then I read the passage.

The second sentence said, 'Internet menjadi tempat selamat bagi mereka untuk membuat cerita dan memutar-belitkan fakta, terutamanya tentang Kerajaan' (The Internet becomes a haven for those who like to make stories and twist the facts, especially when it bad-talks concerning our Government ). THAT got me angry.

Seriously? Those ?
I apologize to thoso who may be offended by this post, but kids now under the Government education system are made to listen and do, and not think freely. Some of us, like me, who are lucky enough to be exposed to the alternative choices in life, choose to speak up and make the RIGHT choice. Most of my classmates have already chosen to try and use their computers as little as possible. Which I find pathetic

The education system now makes kids narrow-minded, only following traditions and old-fashions. Ask any of MY teachers about blogging, and they'd tell you it's a 'negative influence on our nation', or 'is a rebelious fraternity who's only purpose is to bad-mouth those above them'. And these people are qualified teachers, no less.

To you *!%@&# who may be reading this, leave the kids in school. Let them form their own opinion, let thembe who they are, and not what you @#^&!*%+ want them to be.

Thursday, 17 July 2008

What was the Point of it all?

OK. We all have been caught in the massive 'parking lot' traffic jams that have been infesting the Highways, so much so that it was commented to be 'worse than LA.' But what were the police doing? If there's an accident, they ought to ease traffic. If there's roadworks, they help cordon off the road and try to ease congestion as much as possible. But what were they trying to demonstrate? Their power to create parking lots?

Honestly. If the Opposition was going to make a fuss, they wouldn't tell EVERY MAN & HIS DOG about it. Plus, if the police wanted to REALLY stop the demonstration, they'd just go to where it was going to be held and say 'YOU ARE UNDER ARREST UNDER THE ISA,' as they would usually do. But instead, they decide to make everyone's daily commute a living hell and set up roadblocks, within 500 meters of each other. Even I, which commutes to Klang everyday by bus from Shah Alam, feel the inconvenience of it all.

The so called 'reason' for it all was because 'we want YB Dato' Anuar to give a statement'. Really? Aren't you asked to give a statement? If so, he can do it on HIS OWN TIME, right? So let him come when he wants. And the the story going round was because they were worried of the repercussions of Wan Azizah walking out of the Parliament house. Didn't the jams begin before she walked out? So now the cops can see into the future, can they?

Pathetic. A nuisance to all who move on wheels (no insult intended). Dear God, show the cops that they AREN'T supposed to cause a nuisance. And the next time they do this, they'd better have a DAMN GOOD REASON of doing so. Pathetic...

Thursday, 19 June 2008


To all my faithful readers;

My sincerest apologies as I haven't been able to update my blog for a while. I will try to keep up with most of the slow blogs (faster than me of course) and keep all of you entertained. Stay safe!

Probitas Et Fides,

Don't Bump Into Me!

I've heard many stories of pickpockets and their victims. And I've heard of numerous stories in Klang. So I exercise caution, I don't let anyone get to close to me, and I NEVER try to get into a bus when there's a whole bunch of people waiting to get on. I even went to the extent of telling the bus drivers who shuttle me from Shah Alam to Klang to keep a seat free for me! And I thought that with these precautions in place, it'll be close to impossible to steal my wallet. 'Famous last words', as they always are.

So it's a Friday. I just got out from school. Time i s 6.40pm. I take my normal route to the bus stand from High School Klang, which forces me to walk on Jln. Meru, then opposite the infamous Shaw Centrepoint Klang (affectionately known as CP to those school flunking students). Then it's past the Old Bridge and I'm there. I take this route every day and it takes me 20 minutes to school and 10 minutes from school (it's quicker on the way back, because I have to catch the 6.55 bus out to SA). I know all the in's and out's and all the poor ones that beg along the route.

I get to the bus stop and the bus had left 5 minutes earlier (note; time is 6.50). So I wait. Eventually, (I say this as there was a really bad jam on the Fed. Highway into Klang) the bus gets in. I pile into the bus. There is a small family wanting to ride my bus, so I let them in first. As I get in, an Indonesian migrant bumps into me. I raise my hand in apology ( I later see him bumping into another bloke, clumsy guy). I get into the bus. The bus is late, so it leaves immediately. Time is 7.10.

It's 7.23. I'm in Section 7, Shah Alam. The bus driver, whom I know very well, asks me to ready my ticket because he said he saw some "sharks" swimming round (by sharks, he means Inspectors from Syarikat Prasarana Kota Berhad). I reach for my wallet and it's GONE. 'HOW?!' I ask myself. This is the same bus driver that sold me the bus ticket that morning (I ride RapidKL. If you don't know the system, go ride the bus!), so he goes against normal rules (that state I ought to be thrown off the bus) and brings me to Section 14.

No matter how many precautions that you take, if higher powers will it, it WILL. That's just the way life is. Sometimes God uses us as an example. Let one sinner suffer as an example for the betterment of man. So maybe we shouldn't bother with precautions. Whatever you do, it will happen. So what's the point? Keep your slate more-or-less clean and God'll keep you safe. Stay faithful to whomever you follow, and you'll be ok.

P.S; This is a REAL post, not a post forced by religious groups.

Sunday, 23 March 2008

Best Headlines

This was from one of yesterday's bigger newspapers;

Rafidah Aziz unsure of Azalina's Wanita status
Is Azalina a member of Wanita UMNO?

Get the rest of the story here

Personally, all I can say is 'Good Call, Rafidah!'

Enough is ENOUGH!

Wouldn't you just get sick and tired if you were lied to every day? To know that you don't know what's actually going on? It's a strange feeling, but only a handful of bright ones have figured it out on their own, whereas the rest found out through those who knew, like me! Don't buy newspapers, don't buy LIES. Read Internet news daily and know what actually happens behind the behind the scene scoops. Know the story, read Internet news.

Saturday, 22 March 2008

Funny Pre-Election SMSes

Here's a good one;

As you go to vote, please bear in mind how much more developed we are today, how our currency is so much stronger compared to the Dong, how our university's are in the top 300 in the world*, how our judges only accept handphones as bribes* and that everyone, including the dead can vote*! Selamat Berundi!

(*= not a fact (known to the public, at least))

Monday, 3 March 2008

Election Time!

It's 2008, another election. 'Whoopee', I said sarcastically when I found out. Yeah, I'm too young to vote, but that doesn't mean I don't have my views on political subjects. Just shoot, and I'll have an answer (note that it may be 'No Comment'). I guess I'd be an idiot if I didn't say that Barisan Nasional will win, but I WILL say that they aren't going to win by 2 thirds majority. I'm hardcore DAP, Keadilan, PAS, whatever that isn't BN. Why, one may ask, and the answer is simple.

In 2004, BN won and Dato' Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi stepped into power. The golden torch was passed on from the now Tun Dr. Mahathir, our proud 'Bapa Pembangunan'. Father of the Petronas Twin Towers, the Penang Bridge, and many other projects that successfully put dear Malaysia on the map. And when you think about it, 'Pak Lah' had VERY big shoes to fill. Now, as the March 8th vote day looms closer, did Dato' Seri Abdullah Bin Hj. Ahmad Badawi succeed? I will now expand on some of the projects that were planned under Pak Lah's reign.

The Iskandar region and Singapore: Think Dubai in the Middle East. Think the Shenzhen Economic Zone next to Macau Casino. Iskandar Development Region - IDR , One-Stop Information Center, is set to take the world by storm. ALDAR Properties PJSC is one of the few investors spending billions of ringgit in Node 1 of the Development Reigion. One of Abdullah's best known projects, the Iskandar project had 1 goal; to make Johor the development hub of Malaysia. Good luck with construction, for the States have just gone into recession, and we may feel the pinch very soon.

SMART Tunnel
OK, the SMART Tunnel Project was the first of it's kind in the world, another iconic project to make our presence felt on the world stage. The smartest system on Earth, made to save KL from the next drizzle. The unique project was so big that it was featured on National Geographic. It works like this; there are 3 tiers to the tunnel, top 2 tiers are for traffic, and the bottom tier for drainage. During bad weather, the traffic tiers would be evacuated and the tunnel would be used solely for drainage, and the water (or whatever else that may flow in) will flow to a few 'holding tanks' for a while. A good design, all with the stamp of approval by the Prime Minister.

The Bakun Hydroelectric Project
Essentially, it's a big dam somewhere to filter the water and also to provide power to the population surrounding it. Sadly, it could not be built because of a few political and financial problems. It would have been great if it was built, just imagine the economic outcome it would have ushered! It was so under-publicised that I couldn't even find a logo or pictures on Google!
OK, I think I have said enough. Pak Lah has done many great things, but let's not forget the dark side of Pak Lah and his Parliament. Still, I cannot force you to vote for the parties I think are best. That is up to you, and I hope that the choice you make is the best one for both you and for the future of this beautiful, diverse and colourful nation.

Elections; What are they?

The Life & Times of My Cousins

I'll tell you straight, I come from a very dysfunctional family. My mum is a tree-hugging, grass-kissing, bus-riding fanatic, my grandma is one of those strange ahem-ahem year-olds that leave their hand-phones in the fridge for preservation, and I'm not going to start on my uncle. But, I never thought that the dysfunctionality that is so prominent in MY family would go on to wreck my adopted cousins. My prayer went un-answered.

I'll start with the most recent. My cousin, 3, (let's call him Cousin 1) went out with his family to Bangsar Village. The family consists of;
  1. Bone-thin Grandmother- 1 unit
  2. Mum, also bone-thin- 1 unit
  3. Maid, not so thin- 1 unit.

So there's a chair next to the escalator. The maid puts Cousin 1 on the chair. So he's fooling around with the banister of the moving escalator, Mum is on the phone, maid is aiding Mum, and Grandma can't see that well. Next thing you know, he's hanging off of the escalator banister MOVING UP! Grandma is following him below saying, 'I'll catch you! I'll catch you!' (but if he DID fall off, skinny Grandma would pass on, he's so heavy) and the maid is out of the vicinity, aiding Mum at a store. A lady, bless her soul, was standing just a few steps higher on the escalator, pulling him up. He was moving up on the OUTSIDE of the escalator!

Cousin 2 has had a bad day. While Mummy & Daddy are having a meeting, she found food and wants some. Mummy & Daddy ignore her. She's a little lower that the table, so she doesn't know what's on it. She reaches up, grabs something off the table, and immediately puts it in her mouth. What she thought was small tea cakes was actually cili padi. Then comes the wailing, while Mummy washes out her mouth. Later that day, she staples her finger. Blood squirting out her nail, freaking out Grandma. Then, to cap off the day, the office TV falls on her. Falling TV's run in her family, for both her elder brothers had TV's fall on them. Poor Cousin 2, eh?

Cousin 3 is Cousin 2's elder brother, the middle child (Cousin 2 is younger). He's 7 years old. They live in a small Rumah Papan. He wants to clean his room. So he cleans it up, puts everything in a wastepaper basket. He wants to rid of the rubbish, so he sets it alight. The basket is plastic. As the flames grew, he runs outside to seek help of his older brother. He sees his elder brother playing football, forgets the fire, and plays football too. Thank goodness the maid smelt smoke and put out the fire.

Now do you understand my dysfunctional cousins? If you do, help me out because I have yet to understand their complex minds. Let's hope that this dysfuntionality doesn't pass on to their kids! That may start a war!