Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Where's your vote going?

I had a very interesting conversation this evening with a dear friend of mine. What started off as a ranting regarding the recent banning of the Erykah Badu concert scheduled for tonight, ended up concluding in something rather enlightening.

The GE is coming up. Yes, we're braced for it. But are we ready? Er... not really, no.

Here's the reality of it.

The next GE seems slanted toward the Coalition. And that's due to years, and years, and years of Barisan screw-ups. They've made many, as expected of any government anywhere. As I spoke of my grievances toward the federal government, my buddy (a hardcore BN-UMNO) supported, began to argue both sides of the coin (which I most definitely was not expecting).

DISCLAIMER: I speak of politics. Mostly politics, actually. But I admit that I don't really know everything. I do this because I respect my hardline so-po bloggers (like Rocky) and so on. As it would be said in Bahasa, nak bagi jalan lah kan. Because I can conquer everything, if I put my mind to it. Heh. Nanti mampus duit Nuffnang tak cukup nak masuk minyak BMW dia, kan?

Anywho. With the next GE coming round, I'm sure most of you eligible voters are writing things down. Who's done what, who's planning to do what, and who hasn't delivered on promises. And it was these three things that were discussed tonight over teh o' limau panas.

I stand by my belief that there is no one political party that can address the needs of Rakyat at this point in time. Each has its drawbacks, while none seem to have any plus points. It really is a matter of the lesser evils. Personally? I'm still lobbying for an extra ballot box that says 'None Of The Above,' or in its fully-expanded form, 'None of the aforementioned parties accurately represent my stand in society. Therefore, my vote is cast toward a grey-area that exists somewhere between the two.'

Think about it. You take Anwar, you get rear-ended (pun intended!) by the United States. You go for Barisan, you get Rosmah (there goes any notion of sleeping. Nightmares abound). And so my statement remains: My vote belongs to the grey-area that exists between the two mainstream political parties.

Just out of curiousity, I wonder how many of you, my dear (and few) readers, would vote for that grey area? Do let me know in the comments.

Forever fighting for a just Malaysia.