Thursday, 17 July 2008

What was the Point of it all?

OK. We all have been caught in the massive 'parking lot' traffic jams that have been infesting the Highways, so much so that it was commented to be 'worse than LA.' But what were the police doing? If there's an accident, they ought to ease traffic. If there's roadworks, they help cordon off the road and try to ease congestion as much as possible. But what were they trying to demonstrate? Their power to create parking lots?

Honestly. If the Opposition was going to make a fuss, they wouldn't tell EVERY MAN & HIS DOG about it. Plus, if the police wanted to REALLY stop the demonstration, they'd just go to where it was going to be held and say 'YOU ARE UNDER ARREST UNDER THE ISA,' as they would usually do. But instead, they decide to make everyone's daily commute a living hell and set up roadblocks, within 500 meters of each other. Even I, which commutes to Klang everyday by bus from Shah Alam, feel the inconvenience of it all.

The so called 'reason' for it all was because 'we want YB Dato' Anuar to give a statement'. Really? Aren't you asked to give a statement? If so, he can do it on HIS OWN TIME, right? So let him come when he wants. And the the story going round was because they were worried of the repercussions of Wan Azizah walking out of the Parliament house. Didn't the jams begin before she walked out? So now the cops can see into the future, can they?

Pathetic. A nuisance to all who move on wheels (no insult intended). Dear God, show the cops that they AREN'T supposed to cause a nuisance. And the next time they do this, they'd better have a DAMN GOOD REASON of doing so. Pathetic...