Monday, 1 October 2007

Eh? Hang on...

Recently, I met a good friend of my mum's at their office in Wangsa Maju. The friend was complaining that her car had been broken into for the second time this Ramadhan. The second was the worst, denting a RM978.00 cargo cover, (it was a Land Rover, memanglah mahal, kan?) and grabbing a fairly new DSLR camera. Ouch.
Then, I figured that, in Islam, when these things happen, we would say that the theif is inhibited by a bad spirit. But, in the fasting month of Ramadhan, all of these bad spirits are 'tied to trees, and cannot inhibit any living being'. So, why do these things happen?
These acts of crime are no longer committed by chance. Now, fancy devices are available on eBay (yes, eBay) that can sense if there is a hidden or forgotten phone, camera or laptop. This is organized, not like the Mafia, but close.
Crimes like this usually happen when the perpetrator sees an opportunity. So, when you carry a fancy sense device, you call that opportunity? The friend of my mum's went to lodge a police report, but the policeman scolded her. Quote,'Kenapa biarkan benda mahal dalam kereta? Patutlah kena pecah masuk!' So much for Mesra.
Keeping things in your car is no longer safe. You may say, 'It's my car! I'll do whatever I want with it!' but your argument will be in vain. So, look back, make sure you have all things mahal.