Thursday, 19 June 2008


To all my faithful readers;

My sincerest apologies as I haven't been able to update my blog for a while. I will try to keep up with most of the slow blogs (faster than me of course) and keep all of you entertained. Stay safe!

Probitas Et Fides,

Don't Bump Into Me!

I've heard many stories of pickpockets and their victims. And I've heard of numerous stories in Klang. So I exercise caution, I don't let anyone get to close to me, and I NEVER try to get into a bus when there's a whole bunch of people waiting to get on. I even went to the extent of telling the bus drivers who shuttle me from Shah Alam to Klang to keep a seat free for me! And I thought that with these precautions in place, it'll be close to impossible to steal my wallet. 'Famous last words', as they always are.

So it's a Friday. I just got out from school. Time i s 6.40pm. I take my normal route to the bus stand from High School Klang, which forces me to walk on Jln. Meru, then opposite the infamous Shaw Centrepoint Klang (affectionately known as CP to those school flunking students). Then it's past the Old Bridge and I'm there. I take this route every day and it takes me 20 minutes to school and 10 minutes from school (it's quicker on the way back, because I have to catch the 6.55 bus out to SA). I know all the in's and out's and all the poor ones that beg along the route.

I get to the bus stop and the bus had left 5 minutes earlier (note; time is 6.50). So I wait. Eventually, (I say this as there was a really bad jam on the Fed. Highway into Klang) the bus gets in. I pile into the bus. There is a small family wanting to ride my bus, so I let them in first. As I get in, an Indonesian migrant bumps into me. I raise my hand in apology ( I later see him bumping into another bloke, clumsy guy). I get into the bus. The bus is late, so it leaves immediately. Time is 7.10.

It's 7.23. I'm in Section 7, Shah Alam. The bus driver, whom I know very well, asks me to ready my ticket because he said he saw some "sharks" swimming round (by sharks, he means Inspectors from Syarikat Prasarana Kota Berhad). I reach for my wallet and it's GONE. 'HOW?!' I ask myself. This is the same bus driver that sold me the bus ticket that morning (I ride RapidKL. If you don't know the system, go ride the bus!), so he goes against normal rules (that state I ought to be thrown off the bus) and brings me to Section 14.

No matter how many precautions that you take, if higher powers will it, it WILL. That's just the way life is. Sometimes God uses us as an example. Let one sinner suffer as an example for the betterment of man. So maybe we shouldn't bother with precautions. Whatever you do, it will happen. So what's the point? Keep your slate more-or-less clean and God'll keep you safe. Stay faithful to whomever you follow, and you'll be ok.

P.S; This is a REAL post, not a post forced by religious groups.