Thursday, 26 April 2007

Money not so well spent

We all know the bitterness that was felt when RapidKL's new disabled friendly buses failed the wheel chair test recently. I bet that if you go to the bus manufacturer's web site, it'll show that the price of these so called 'wheel chair friendly' buses cost a small fortune each. And since i ride RapidKL buses almost daily, I've seen at least 30- 40 buses on the Federal Highway alone!! That's nearly RM3,000,000 spent on things that don't work properly! I figure that the height of the curb in the manufacturer's native country is much higher than it is here, causing the ramp to be steeper than expected. Well, good try anyways.


No Change

A man was at a supermarket checkout. The total was $19.06, so he handed the checkout girl a twenty dollar bill. As she looked at the change due, she asked the man, "Do you have 6 cents, sir?" In reply, he said, "No, sorry, I have no cents." As she continued to pack his purchases into a paper bag, without looking up, she said, "Finnaly, a man who is not afraid to say it."