Friday, 29 August 2008

Welcome to the Government (again) Anwar

Ok, those of you who aren't happy with the results of the Permatang Pauh By-Elections, raise your hands. Alright. Those of you who are ecstatic with the results, raise your hands. I thought so. I'd firstly like to congratulate Dato' Seri Anwar Ibrahim on winning the post. If you're reading this, which I doubt, I hope that with your new place in Parliament, this country will move to the better.

Now that Anwar is part of the Parliament, the presence of opposing parties is felt amongst BN-ers. Which is good. Because now that BN feel it, maybe they'd realize that Malaysians are finally beginning to accept the fact that there are (now) parties with potential to lead our country, with better candidates for the top job (sorry Abdullah).

I now begin to understand the Anwar-Saiful whatever-his-name thing. It's pretty obvious that Saiful whatever-his-name has exhausted all his other options, and chosen the Religious path of things. Yeah, whatever. So you swore under the Quran. Big deal. Alot of people are no longer scared of God. So the question now is, is Saiful one of them?

I honestly find it strange to try and get the attention of the out-of-town-ers by swearing under the Quran. (And by out-of-town-ers, I mean those people who still feel the presence of God when they prostrate to Him. Those who frown upon the very thought of men and women mingling in a coffee shop. Those who think arranged marriages are a way of life.) Maybe he did, but the fact of the matter is, the people of Permatang Pauh aren't quite kuno enough. If Anwar was contesting in Gambang (sorry), or Jinjang Utara (sorry again), maybe Saiful may have had an impact.

Honestly, I don't swing any way. First I thought that Saiful was just a Government stooge, but then certain things make me think otherwise. I think I'm going to leave it to God. Because He has already promised that those who do right, go to Paradise. And the Sinners will rot in Hell until his debt is paid. When that the debt is paid is not for me to decide, though.

Wednesday, 20 August 2008

The National Anthem; Do we respect it enough?

I was just at a shopping complex near my home, walking around, window shopping. My grandmother and I were enjoying the day, when all of a sudden, we heard Negaraku being played on the shopping complexes PA system. We, unlike everyone else, stood straight amongst the piercing stares from other shoppers. After the National Anthem finished, we voiced our dislikes and how it was an inconvenience. We then left to avoid the stares if the National Anthem played again.

I understand the playing of patriotic songs for this month as it is the Month of Independence. But playing the Negaraku is a bit much. This is the first time I've heard it over a PA system, but I have heard it many times on Radio stations and such. For someone who harbours a deep love and respect toward my beloved Country, I find it very annoying to have to stand straight every 15 minutes or so.

If you haven't noticed, the National Anthem is played during official functions, before a show at Istana Budaya, and every time it plays, we all STAND AS STRAIGHT AS AN ARROW AS A SHOW OF RESPECT TO THE NATIONAL ANTHEM. So why do you play it on radios? So drivers can stop in the middle of the road and stand by their cars (in the middle of the highway) to respect the National Anthem? Or at shopping malls, so people there (shoppers or shop-keepers) can stop whatever they're doing to respect the National Anthem?

Stop this misuse of the Anthem now. It inconveniences anyone who cares about it. Do you respect the National Anthem?

Sunday, 10 August 2008

The Moment of Truth or Humiliation?

Who hasn't got an Astro set at home? Ok, whose got Star World? If you do, you must have heard of the new show called 'Moment of Truth'. I have a bone to pick with this show. First, I will explain what the shows all about.

It's a game show in the States where they strap contestants to a chair, wire a lie detector to them and ask them cruel questions. If they don't lie through the whole thing, you get $500,000. Simple? No. Because some of these questions may ruin your life.

Have you ever done something that you'd rather sweep under the rug than to tell the world? Like accidentally scratching a guys car but not sticking around to pay what you owe? Or maybe gambled away your kids college funds? Of course you have (done something you'd rather not tell anyone about, minor or major). And 'The Moment of Truth' will reveal ALL.

Once you get on TV, even for 5 minutes, you become famous. This show reveals your deepest darkest secrets, like if you've ever cheated on your spouse, cheated someone out of their money, or stolen anything. And after you're done with the show, win it or lose it, people know who you are. And they're going to taunt you, and they're going to call you names, dirty your car, throw stuff at you. And that makes your life a living hell.

It isn't fair to ruin someones life just for entertainment. Sometimes people jump at a money opportunity without thinking of the consequences properly. And these people take advantage of that? That redefines the meaning of evil in my book. And wherever you go, these people will be taunting you. Migrate, whatever, they're still going to know who you are. And some people have no sympathy. They'll follow you, just to torment you. How would that make you feel?

Write your feelings toward the situation in my 'Comments' box and I'll post it up in 1 week's time.

Thursday, 7 August 2008

You Have Gone Too Far

Yesterday, I received a printout from my BM Teacher, ... ......... It's title was 'Ciri-Ciri Negatif Internet'. I personally have NOTHING against the Internet, and find it as a fun tool to get information about a wide range of topics. So I though nothing about it. Then I read the passage.

The second sentence said, 'Internet menjadi tempat selamat bagi mereka untuk membuat cerita dan memutar-belitkan fakta, terutamanya tentang Kerajaan' (The Internet becomes a haven for those who like to make stories and twist the facts, especially when it bad-talks concerning our Government ). THAT got me angry.

Seriously? Those ?
I apologize to thoso who may be offended by this post, but kids now under the Government education system are made to listen and do, and not think freely. Some of us, like me, who are lucky enough to be exposed to the alternative choices in life, choose to speak up and make the RIGHT choice. Most of my classmates have already chosen to try and use their computers as little as possible. Which I find pathetic

The education system now makes kids narrow-minded, only following traditions and old-fashions. Ask any of MY teachers about blogging, and they'd tell you it's a 'negative influence on our nation', or 'is a rebelious fraternity who's only purpose is to bad-mouth those above them'. And these people are qualified teachers, no less.

To you *!%@&# who may be reading this, leave the kids in school. Let them form their own opinion, let thembe who they are, and not what you @#^&!*%+ want them to be.