Sunday, 23 March 2008

Best Headlines

This was from one of yesterday's bigger newspapers;

Rafidah Aziz unsure of Azalina's Wanita status
Is Azalina a member of Wanita UMNO?

Get the rest of the story here

Personally, all I can say is 'Good Call, Rafidah!'

Enough is ENOUGH!

Wouldn't you just get sick and tired if you were lied to every day? To know that you don't know what's actually going on? It's a strange feeling, but only a handful of bright ones have figured it out on their own, whereas the rest found out through those who knew, like me! Don't buy newspapers, don't buy LIES. Read Internet news daily and know what actually happens behind the behind the scene scoops. Know the story, read Internet news.

Saturday, 22 March 2008

Funny Pre-Election SMSes

Here's a good one;

As you go to vote, please bear in mind how much more developed we are today, how our currency is so much stronger compared to the Dong, how our university's are in the top 300 in the world*, how our judges only accept handphones as bribes* and that everyone, including the dead can vote*! Selamat Berundi!

(*= not a fact (known to the public, at least))

Monday, 3 March 2008

Election Time!

It's 2008, another election. 'Whoopee', I said sarcastically when I found out. Yeah, I'm too young to vote, but that doesn't mean I don't have my views on political subjects. Just shoot, and I'll have an answer (note that it may be 'No Comment'). I guess I'd be an idiot if I didn't say that Barisan Nasional will win, but I WILL say that they aren't going to win by 2 thirds majority. I'm hardcore DAP, Keadilan, PAS, whatever that isn't BN. Why, one may ask, and the answer is simple.

In 2004, BN won and Dato' Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi stepped into power. The golden torch was passed on from the now Tun Dr. Mahathir, our proud 'Bapa Pembangunan'. Father of the Petronas Twin Towers, the Penang Bridge, and many other projects that successfully put dear Malaysia on the map. And when you think about it, 'Pak Lah' had VERY big shoes to fill. Now, as the March 8th vote day looms closer, did Dato' Seri Abdullah Bin Hj. Ahmad Badawi succeed? I will now expand on some of the projects that were planned under Pak Lah's reign.

The Iskandar region and Singapore: Think Dubai in the Middle East. Think the Shenzhen Economic Zone next to Macau Casino. Iskandar Development Region - IDR , One-Stop Information Center, is set to take the world by storm. ALDAR Properties PJSC is one of the few investors spending billions of ringgit in Node 1 of the Development Reigion. One of Abdullah's best known projects, the Iskandar project had 1 goal; to make Johor the development hub of Malaysia. Good luck with construction, for the States have just gone into recession, and we may feel the pinch very soon.

SMART Tunnel
OK, the SMART Tunnel Project was the first of it's kind in the world, another iconic project to make our presence felt on the world stage. The smartest system on Earth, made to save KL from the next drizzle. The unique project was so big that it was featured on National Geographic. It works like this; there are 3 tiers to the tunnel, top 2 tiers are for traffic, and the bottom tier for drainage. During bad weather, the traffic tiers would be evacuated and the tunnel would be used solely for drainage, and the water (or whatever else that may flow in) will flow to a few 'holding tanks' for a while. A good design, all with the stamp of approval by the Prime Minister.

The Bakun Hydroelectric Project
Essentially, it's a big dam somewhere to filter the water and also to provide power to the population surrounding it. Sadly, it could not be built because of a few political and financial problems. It would have been great if it was built, just imagine the economic outcome it would have ushered! It was so under-publicised that I couldn't even find a logo or pictures on Google!
OK, I think I have said enough. Pak Lah has done many great things, but let's not forget the dark side of Pak Lah and his Parliament. Still, I cannot force you to vote for the parties I think are best. That is up to you, and I hope that the choice you make is the best one for both you and for the future of this beautiful, diverse and colourful nation.

Elections; What are they?

The Life & Times of My Cousins

I'll tell you straight, I come from a very dysfunctional family. My mum is a tree-hugging, grass-kissing, bus-riding fanatic, my grandma is one of those strange ahem-ahem year-olds that leave their hand-phones in the fridge for preservation, and I'm not going to start on my uncle. But, I never thought that the dysfunctionality that is so prominent in MY family would go on to wreck my adopted cousins. My prayer went un-answered.

I'll start with the most recent. My cousin, 3, (let's call him Cousin 1) went out with his family to Bangsar Village. The family consists of;
  1. Bone-thin Grandmother- 1 unit
  2. Mum, also bone-thin- 1 unit
  3. Maid, not so thin- 1 unit.

So there's a chair next to the escalator. The maid puts Cousin 1 on the chair. So he's fooling around with the banister of the moving escalator, Mum is on the phone, maid is aiding Mum, and Grandma can't see that well. Next thing you know, he's hanging off of the escalator banister MOVING UP! Grandma is following him below saying, 'I'll catch you! I'll catch you!' (but if he DID fall off, skinny Grandma would pass on, he's so heavy) and the maid is out of the vicinity, aiding Mum at a store. A lady, bless her soul, was standing just a few steps higher on the escalator, pulling him up. He was moving up on the OUTSIDE of the escalator!

Cousin 2 has had a bad day. While Mummy & Daddy are having a meeting, she found food and wants some. Mummy & Daddy ignore her. She's a little lower that the table, so she doesn't know what's on it. She reaches up, grabs something off the table, and immediately puts it in her mouth. What she thought was small tea cakes was actually cili padi. Then comes the wailing, while Mummy washes out her mouth. Later that day, she staples her finger. Blood squirting out her nail, freaking out Grandma. Then, to cap off the day, the office TV falls on her. Falling TV's run in her family, for both her elder brothers had TV's fall on them. Poor Cousin 2, eh?

Cousin 3 is Cousin 2's elder brother, the middle child (Cousin 2 is younger). He's 7 years old. They live in a small Rumah Papan. He wants to clean his room. So he cleans it up, puts everything in a wastepaper basket. He wants to rid of the rubbish, so he sets it alight. The basket is plastic. As the flames grew, he runs outside to seek help of his older brother. He sees his elder brother playing football, forgets the fire, and plays football too. Thank goodness the maid smelt smoke and put out the fire.

Now do you understand my dysfunctional cousins? If you do, help me out because I have yet to understand their complex minds. Let's hope that this dysfuntionality doesn't pass on to their kids! That may start a war!