Sunday, 19 September 2010

MASiF 2010

Hello wonderful people. Sorry its taken so long for be to blog.

I wanna talk about an event that I went to tonight. MASiF 2010 in the Concourse of Pavilion Kuala Lumpur.

No, I'm not gonna talk about what MASiF is. Not now. I'm too boiled up about something ELSE to talk about MASiF. If this were a magazine, I'd oblige & write about the bigger picture. But this is MY blog where I talk about what I wanna talk about. So if you want the usual media schmeel, please by all means, look elsewhere.

I want to talk about the FASHION SHOW. Or rather, the content.

[I took no photos because I think its just a bit... jakun to take photos with a cameraphone. So unprofessional.]

ANYWAY. So there I was, guest of WM, seated front row. On my right was a man named Kee, who seemed to have what's known as snake-overload; his shoes were snakeskin with snake heads on them. His pants had snakeskin patches on them. His jewellery were of snake-motifs. EVERYTHING was snake-inspired. (I wouldn't have tried THAT hard, but I have to admit that the jewellery was nice).

SO. The fashion show begins. And out troops these Malaysian designers whom I have never heard of (save for Melvin Lam). Being the last night of MASiF, the Organisers saved the very best (kononnya) for last. Some of the designs were lovely, others just RUBBISH (RE: the towel-dress). Aside from Melvin's collection, I managed to find fault in EVERY. SINGLE. PIECE.

WHY you ask. HOW I hear you scream. YOU'RE SUCH A NITPICKING B*TCH, I can imagine is running through your head.

Its simple; the details. Its all well & good if your design is stunning, but if your stitching is like rubbish & I can see stray fibres everywhere, WHAT IS THE FLIPPING POINT? I mean, really. There were a few (just a handful) of pieces which were stunning & flawless. Most were either 'cacat'/imperfect, overdone, or just plain mengada.

WHY LAH. You're supposed to be the PRIDE of Malaysian design (I was surprised TAS didn't have a slot). You're either established or an up-and-coming. Either way, YOU'RE SUPPOSED TO REJECT ANYTHING LESS THAN PERFECT. So WHAT THE EFF WAS I SEEING?

Say what you please, but I believe that the little-little details can make the biggest difference. Details can make or break anything. So what have you just done?
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