Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Faith hardly needs a defence council.

There have been ripples in the fabric of our society lately regarding the JAiS raid on a Damansara Utama church. Apparently, the Church, who was hosting a dinner-cum-break-fast event, was trying to convert the Muslim attendees.

Someone pointed out to me one huge issue here (as if it isn't a big issue as it is): Which element of this said dinner-cum-break-fast supported the rumours of this apparent conversion? "Were they being given wafers? Were they asked to drink the blood of Christ? Tak, kan?" This person is a fellow Muslim with faith stronger than mine, in some respects.

What the predominantly-Malay-Muslim public here do not see is the sheer hypocrisy of the entire affair. We openly invite our non-Muslim friends & visitors to our mosques (just before the narrow-minded idiots who "care for the mosque" shoo them out). And yet Muslims are not allowed to visit other places of worship? We are allowed, in fact ENCOURAGED to preach the word of Muhammad S.A.W., and yet we limit the abilities of those of other religions to do the same.

And we live in a "free & fair" society? *snort*

The gist of it is the fact that the Islam taught in Malaysia, if it can still be called Islam, preaches paranoia & fear. "Non-Muslims will steal your food, rape your wives, and then thrust upon you a faith not sanctioned by Allah," or something similar to that. I can openly say that our Friday sermons (which need to be verified & edited by the State Religious Department, if I might add) are SLANTED in favour of the Malay-Muslim community (I repeat, MALAY-Muslim community. If you're not light brown with a tiny brain, do not apply). I have heard of a Chinese man, who converted from Buddhism to Islam, who goes to the Masjid Jamek mosque exclusively, because the sermon is fair & just. And also conducted in Tamil.
We have forgotten that Islam is a faith of love, kindness, and acceptance.

Oh Malaysia. We have religious departments (which apparently move freely without any political agenda *double snort*) who cater solely to the Malay-Muslim community (and openly shun converts), because obviously the Malay-Muslim community here have faith so very fragile, that simply sharing a meal with a non-Muslim will compel you to leave Islam.

Islam in Malaysia leaves a lot to be desired. The Church preaches with open arms. Any man, of any faith, of any creed, is welcome to the Church in times of need. They do not force you to believe in their ideals; but they do shower you in kindness regardless. The growing unofficial rate of Muslims leaving the faith is proof that the way Islam is taught here is SERIOUSLY flawed.

As a young man who is still in the system, I can tell you without a shadow of a doubt, that it is all about fear & intimidation. "Do this, or go to Hell," is the way they 'educate' (which kind of explains the Government, too). Hence you have people like Lina Joy, who is so much happier as a Christian, despite the Government refusing to acknowledge her new faith.

My Great-Grandfather, Tuan Haji Pateh Akhir, who was the Head of the Selangor State Religious Department back in the day, is probably rolling in his grave.

This is not Islam anymore.

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